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I'm normally not a fan of reunion shows, because Probst never asks the questions I want to hear answered or talks to the people that I want to hear talk and then someone awful wins Fan Favorite and it makes me depressed about the state of the union. But I will set all that aside and try to tell you what happened and how some people are still made of garbage, if applicable.

So once Kim is announced as the winner, she hugs her family and then after a break to let her hug them some more, we get to see a clip package of Kim's Greatest Hits. Remember when Kim had an Idol in her crotch? I kind of loved her for using the word crotch on national television. I want to bring that word back as a unisex insult. Like, "Joe, don't be such a crotch." It's kind of like "bitch" but it could be a dude or a lady so it's not sexist. Anyway, enough about me and my linguistic crusades. Remember when Kim won peanut butter and took a shower during the auction? Remember when everyone said they would trust Kim with their lives? Remember when Kim won four individual Immunity Challenges including the last crucial one?

Probst opens the reunion segment by reminding us that Kim dominated the latter half of the game physically by winning all those immunity challenges. He says that she joins Jenna and Kelly Wigglesworth as being first to win four individual immunities, but I guess he's only counting women because there are a bunch of dudes who won four or more in their seasons. Anyway, Probst isn't here to talk about how Kim is a challenge monster because she's not a dude and he only likes it when dudes physically dominate. He's here to talk about how she won the game through methods. Kim says that her biggest move was getting to know each person individually, because she couldn't win all the challenges and make it to the finals and then no one would have voted for her to win if they didn't like her as a person. So many people (RUSSELL) forget that.

Probst asks who voted for Kim and all of the jury members except Troy and Leif raise their hands. Probst starts to ask Troy why he voted for Kim and realizes that he didn't, so he switches to Jay asking him if he agrees that Kim made connections with people. Jay agrees that they all trusted Kim and bought what she was selling. Everyone laughs, because she sold all of them something all right. Probst thinks her biggest move was getting the guys to vote other guys out and adds that people on the street were asking him what the guys were doing. Probst loves three things in a reunion above all else: talking about what people on the street are saying, taking informal straw polls about who jury members would have voted for in alternate realities and metaphorically fellating strong male players.

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