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Probst wants to know if Jonas has any advice for future players and Jonas says that he wishes he hadn't tried to lay low and had made some big moves. Jonas is one of the few people I wouldn't mind seeing on the show again. I feel like he kind of got screwed by the twists and turns of the season and he was one of the few guys that didn't bug me this season. Probst says he always tells people that they have to make big moves in this game. Tell that to Sandra. Didn't she win twice by flying under the radar? Big moves certainly make for a more exciting game for the viewers, but I don't know that it's the only way to win.

Ugh. Colton. Let's see a clip package of his greatest hits, which only show that he's made out of not even garbage, but the sludge that is at the bottom of your garbage can after you forget to bring the cans in from the curb and it rains a little bit. Probst asks Colton how he feels watching them back. Colton says that he owns the things he said, but it makes him uncomfortable to watch it and he saw "a very, very mean, mean person." He claims that his two options were to be a sweet Southern belle or a "bitch with teeth." Probst actually stops him and says that's not really true and then almost asks him a question but gets interrupted by a music bloop which kind of ruins the moment. Colton says he's not a racist because he would make out with Shemar Moore. Well, I'm convinced. Colton says it was uncomfortable for his friends too.

Probst isn't really letting him off the hook for once and says that there are villains that people love to hate and villains that people don't want to hear about any more. I don't think Probst knows the difference since he thinks a Hantz showdown would be awesome. Colton agrees, but then gets all cutesy and says that everything tells him that it got boring when he left. You know what I'm not hearing here? I'm not hearing a FUCKING APOLOGY for saying terrible things. Maybe he's not racist or classist or ageist or whatever. But he did say things that were hurtful and the only way he can even begin to redeem himself at this point is by saying, "I'm sorry that I said such awful things. I got caught up in the game and being on TV and trying to appear clever and I realize now that I was hurtful to my castmates and to the viewers. I am sorry and being on the show has made me look at my choices and reconsider my viewpoints." Wouldn't it be nice to hear that? Instead of STILL trying to be cute and clever?

Probst wants to know what Bill thinks of Colton's comments. Bill says that he can forgive some of the comments that Colton made as part of his strategy, but he can't really forgive the things he said in interviews to the camera that none of his tribe mates would see until the show aired. Colton interrupts because he can't stand not being the focus, even when we're talking about how awful he is and says that he was out of his comfort zone. Oh, poor baby. I'm sure you were the only one out of your comfort zone and everyone else managed to refrain from spewing vile trash. The only person I've ever seen actually comfortable in the show's setting is Ozzy.

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