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Bill! He's a stand-up comic. And he did stand-up last night in front of all the contestants. Have I mentioned that Bill is dressed as an extra from Patrick Dempsey's seminal vehicle, Can't Buy Me Love? He would fit right in during the jungle dance scene.

Probst wants to know if Christina felt bullied. She says that she came out strong in the beginning of the game, but then Matt got voted out and she realized that she needed to step back. She says that she took the insults as part of the game. I wanted Probst to ask her why she just rolled over and gave up at the end. Or ever. I get wanting to lie low -- that was kind of Sabrina's strategy too. But then Christina had a shot at the finals and just gave up? I will never understand that. Or why she just let those people walk all over her.

What is the twist next season (for those of you who have never read the Internet)? Sometimes people on the show get medically evacuated. Probst says that some have paid the ultimate price, which I would think would be their lives, but he's referring to the fact that they had to leave the game. Anyway, three people who were previously medically evacuated will be returning to join the new set of castaways. And if you really want to know who the three are, use Google or check out forums. It's not confirmed, but it's pretty close.

And that's a wrap! Oh, wait. My favorite moment was after he thought the cameras were off, Colton stood up and walked to the front to hug Kim and he's wearing his stupid mint green polo shirt and his giant belly is just hanging out for the world to see. That was pretty satisfying. Normally I don't go in for body shaming, but he was so, so awful. See you next season!

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