Long Hard Days

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Ship Of Fools

Jeff leaves to tally the votes. Greg. Colleen. Susan. Sean. Kelly, playing with her fucking tongue barbell, which is my BIGGEST piercing peeve -- it really bugs me when people do that.

The first vote is for Sean. The second is for "Cooleen." The third is also for Colleen. The fourth is for Sean. The fifth is for Colleen. She looks nervous, but resigned, and when the last vote is, of course, also for her, she whispers to her former teammates, "Be nice to each other, okay? I swear, I'm watching you! Play fair, okay?" She beams as Jeff snuffs out her torch, waves, and walks off through the woods. Jeff says he heard her last words: "Play fair, be nice." "She's a wonderful person," declares Richard magnanimously.

Over the credits, Colleen says, "I had a lot of fun, and the past week was actually the hardest part of the whole thing. I'm excited now for the next step; I want to sit on the jury box. If I came into this game on Tagi's team, I think I could have won -- I'm just going to say it. You know, no harm in saying it now, after I've been kicked off and I didn't win, but really, I think I could have won." I don't think there's been a more magnificent departure than that; really, Colleen left at the absolute height of her power and popularity. She will be missed, but we'll all see her again in the pages of Jane or some such.

Next week: Susan trusts Colleen more than she trusts Kelly. Kelly says a bad word.

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