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Clips Show or Freak Show?

A clue we were spared the first time around -- some poor, neglected poet's hopes dashed to hell -- is about a "guide show[ing] the way" and advises the tribes "not to stray." Boranew concludes that it's a challenge in which the tribe will be blindfolded and one member will lead the others. Kimj tells us it's a "follow-the-leader type of thing and whatever." In a confessional, Silas says the tribe thinks it's a "round up your group" sort of challenge. He says, "Don't ask me how we got this idea." Um, how about from the last season of Survivor? Frank thinks the challenge will involve "get[ting] us all into one area like we were cows." Or goats. Now there's a thought. Frank tells us that someone in the tribe nominated him as leader. We then see him moving the other Boranew members around military-style -- left, right, left. He adds, "Soccer players, too." Hee. And it probably was a trial keeping Ethan from spontaneously ejecting. Silas tells us that Frank's efforts were "an army cadence deal." In a confessional, Frank reveals that his brother will be critiquing his technique from home because he is a first sergeant in the 82nd Airborne. Frank is concerned because there's a lot of stuff he hasn't "brushed up on." We then see an example of this as Frank tells his tribe to "sidestep" but doesn't tell them in what direction. Nevertheless, Kimj tells us that "within ten minutes [they] were, you know, a uniform line going around there." A sharp "about face" from Frank brings hugs. I think Ethan is terribly good-natured -- he can be my television boyfriend, even if he sounds like Dawson. Silas says to Frank, "Come 'ere, Daddio!" Not that any of that training matters in the end -- and I'm sure Mark Burnett and Just Peachy had a good laugh together over this one -- because the challenge turns out to be about rounding up goats. Despite their off-target practice, Boranew is still victorious. Back at camp, the discussion immediately turns to the immunity challenge. Blah blah blah throwitcakes. Puzzling happens in the challenge, and then Silas gets voted out "without his former alliance to protect him."

Later, Sambunew wins some sandwiches, someone burps really loudly, and "strategies [are] once again at full throttle." Kelly and her snoopy ears and her wiggle walk "caught wind" of Playskool's plot to throw suspicion away from Lindsey's votes. Lindsey can't "fuckin' believe that Brandon didn't whisper." Lindsey might vote with Boran, or she might not. In the end, a deadlocked Tribal Council results in her "previous votes finally [coming] back to haunt her." For us, those previous votes are like sweet little piggybacking baby angels.

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