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Clips Show or Freak Show?

Will they merge or won't they? The suspense is kind of gone from that question now. Boranew debates whether they should pack for the merge even if they're not sure when or if it will happen. Kelly has a blister that's not nearly as nasty as Jessie's puckered pucker. The tribe decides to put everything they absolutely need in a basket in case, according to Tom, they need to "haul ass." Lex bangs his shoes together and Brandon complains that "these backpacks are very limited." Tom tells us it's like "waiting on a bus and the bus didn't come." We learn that the tribe can't sit still any longer in anticipation of the merge, so they head off to the water hole, where Kimj comments that there have been many visitors since their last trip. Clarence says, "And I thought that was just mud." They then proceed to wash their clothes and bodies in the poopy water. Kimj washes out her black thong and says, "The good thing is with only two pair of underwear you don't have a lot of laundry to do." Ethan stands guard, because the tribe saw a water buffalo the other day, and it scared them. Then, he randomly falls over. He doesn't, but he should have. He has good posture. I bet he drinks a lot of milk. Kimj tells us that Ethan is holding the spear and will make noise if he sees anything threatening. Ethan says he's more on guard now because there has been a lot of elephant and giraffe activity since the trees are seeding. He tells us they're expecting a reward challenge or the merger.

On Day 20, Clarence still thinks raising your hand is "sumpin' [sic] nasty." Then they merge, and Teresa wins immunity. But first we get a hysterical montage of bucket of water dropping on heads. Except not so hysterical. Clarence attempts to bargain; Teresa flirts with insanity. Then paper covers rock and Teresa wins the immunity dog collar.

And in case you've forgotten this footage (which you just saw last week), Peachy tells us that, back at camp, the tribe scored a housewarming present and "shared wine and personal stories." Teresa still had sex on an airplane and Frank still wanted to get it over with -- the story telling, not the sex on the airplane with Teresa. Frank and an elephant perform an interpretive ballet about the juxtaposition of man and beast living side by side in the wild. It's up for an Emmy. Then the merged Moto Maji goes to Tribal Council and gangs up on Clarence, but Teresa keeps her promise and votes for Lex. So Clarence heads home and the others become finalists and members of the jury. We close the episode with Peachy telling us that, in the next eighteen days, the remaining S9 will experience "the land, the culture, and the game in ways unlike any survivors before them." He wants us to join them -- and we want you to join us at Mighty Big TV because we don't want to suffer alone -- as the adventure continues.

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