Look Closer: The First 24 Days

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I'll Show You Mine, If You Don't Show Me Yours....Again.

You can wear your Survivor buff "anywhere and everywhere!" but why in the world would you? And if you do, please send me an email. Or don't; please don't send me an email.

Next time on Survivor, it's a whole "new era" at Soliantu. Zoe's a bitch, but not a tease. She's not a goddess on her knees. But when she hurts and when she suffers, she's an angel undercover. Or something like that, anyway.

As the credits role, we get our very last clip. Sean wants Vee to hand him the "radio" which is really a coconut. They then sing what is evidently the show's jingle, "It's the wake-up show! It's the wake-up show! It's the wake-up show! Huh!"

And now, my friends: it's the end-of-the-show! It's the end-of-the-show! It's the end-of-the-show! Huh!

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