Look Closer: The First 24 Days

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Day 7 is a "lesson in pain for Rotu" (and the recap show is a lesson in pain for those of us watching), when Kathy pees on John's hand. That isn't supposed to be the painful part, but it's the part that pains me. Basically, John got a handful of sea urchin before, and then revealed his new mantra, "Need pee, need pee, need pee."

On Day 8, a dashing Peachy delivers bamboo and rope to the tribes with the words, "I come bearing supplies for your next challenge." A rock climbs into Robert's shoe and slices up his toe, then John gets bit by an eel and wails. Not even pierced fingers and eel bites and sliced toes can stop Rotu, though, as they win another challenge.

The cliffs are pretty, and it's Day 9. We're not even halfway there yet. The cliffs are no longer pretty. They are the cliffs of endless, repetitive doom. Maraamu goes on a hike together and Hunter explains that Patricia had found a stream on the other side of the hill. And just in the nick of footage! New, boring footage, but we take what we can get. Hunter tells us they decided to check out the stream in order to "do something together as a tribe." That seems like an odd thing to say considering all they do every day is sit around as a tribe. The guitar riff from "Go Ask Alice" by Jefferson Airplane may or may not be playing in the background. Actually, I don't really know what a "guitar riff" is, but it sounds cool. And also, it's definitely not "Go Ask Alice" playing, but it sounded close enough for me to immediately make the connection. Peachy does not pop up and start yodeling for the tribe members to remember what the door mouse said. I wish he would. In any case, the tribe gets lost and ends up on a steep trail. Sean complains that the trail is "a whole lot, for me." How, then, did Patricia do it? Sean and Rob are resistant to climbing all the way down such a steep trail just to turn around and climb back up. Scratch, scratch, scratch goes Sarah. Sean tells us that Hunter is "up and always looking busy," but he thinks, "We didn't get put on this island to come and exert ourselves in this tropical heat." He wants to "damn all this other work," and concentrate on winning the "damn challenges." Damn straight.

Now Peachy tells us that the tribes "battled it out in the coconut maze race." How silly does that sound? Rotu wins, making for a very happy Moppet. Like Zoe last week, we learn that Hunter -- though pretty as he is -- was not shaved by Mark Burnett either.

Rob is Maraamu's "puppet master." He likes loyal, fearful puppets, and Hunter, being more of a Miss Piggy then a Kermit, gets voted out.

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