Look Closer: The First 24 Days

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I'll Show You Mine, If You Don't Show Me Yours....Again.

On Day 10, the competitors face the "biggest twist yet," for which Peachy encourages them to "follow [their] gut[s]." The group stands on disks to determine a brand new division of the tribes, thereby mooting all victories and losses made so far in the game. Zoe remains on Rotu, and still gives Peachy her death glare. Rob and Sarah are "torn apart." From each other, though. Not, like, to shreds. Peachy says it is "time to play a brand-new game." It's also time for some brand-new clips, but he doesn't seem to care much about that.

Kathy, Paschal, and Neleh are new Maraamus. They like fruit.

The new Rotus -- Sean, Vee, and Rob -- like the Rotu waterfall, but don't like their new position in the tribe. Sean appears unable to walk in crotch-deep water. He then makes a throat-slitting gesture and says the switch-up "ain't too bad."

It's Day 11, and screaming on the soundtrack yields to screaming by Vecepia. We learn that Sean introduced the new tribe to "the radio program." Sean is way too into the radio shtick -- making staticky noises and then emulating the turning of the dial, with snatches of dialogue and singing. Beside him, Robert is more interested in the finer points of a piece of coconut. Vee tells us that when they landed at Rotu camp they told the others about their camp activities like "the early morning show," and the others were "more than willing to try it." Sean announces that "no longer are they down with the Maruachu [sic]," and says he could never say the tribe's name right, so why should he start now. He asks John to give a "food report," and John talks about raw coconut and "watch[ing] those spines" of sea urchins. Then Tammy diplomatically tells us in a confessional that the former Maraamus brought a "sense of humor" to the group and it was fun, but she doesn't sound very convinced. Sean wants the Moppet to give an overall report on the island, and the Moppet thinks he needs an Australian accent to do so. He rambles on and ends with some positive crap about "pull[ing] through in the end." Sean tells us that the new tribe looked like they really enjoyed the radio show, and a yellow-teethed Vee looks particularly pleased. Sean is happy that they can bond in "other ways than just working." It's not so much about the "bond[ing]" part for him, though, as about the "than just working." Tammy's segment reveals that "the in people will be sporting lovely new buffs," and then cites the different ways one might wear a buff, not including en route to the trash dumpster or the insane asylum. Sean concludes the radio show with, "And remember God loves you."

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