Look Closer: The First 24 Days

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I'll Show You Mine, If You Don't Show Me Yours....Again.

On Day 16 Maraamu was "one happy little family," but Kathy felt stupid because she couldn't catch a fish. She and Gina sit side by side on a pretty rock. Gina voice-overs that they were talking about their plans to return to grad school, as well as Gina's "dream job." We join in the conversation, where Gina explain that she'd like to own a "cabin restaurant -- like, uh, made out like a log cabin restaurant -- in Alaska." Kathy then tells us that Gina is "still aspiring" toward her dreams. She does not say, "But my dreams are all dead, and I am a cold, bitter shell of a person." Really, I pity the person who -- in one way or another -- is not aspiring toward his or her dreams. Kathy says that Gina is hard-working, sweet, "bone honest" and driven. She's the best little Watermelon Queen this side of the equator! Gina continues telling Kathy, "And I would come out and greet everybody and give 'em free coffee." Kathy guffaws, but then insists that it's a great idea. Gina also says, "Every once in a while maybe I'd make some home-made biscuits." So basically, Gina wants a log cabin where she can give away coffee and occasionally make biscuits? Kathy tells Gina to make the dream happen now, because Gina can always go back to school. Kathy says it would be great if Gina could find her dream, and points out that Gina could also help out with the wildlife in Alaska. Gina tells us in a confessional that she felt like she was talking to a good friend about what she wanted to do with her life. Aw.

It's still Day 16. Will this day never end? The members of Maraamu are astonished to discover a Moppet-less Rotu. The next challenge -- in part -- consists of a running race between Paschal and Rob. Also, there's comedy gold while John and Robert try to figure out how to row a canoe in a forward motion. There's a clip I don't mind watching again. Peachy tells us that "the tiny tribe" won again, but all the good stuff about the reversed decision gets left out. And Peachy sounds an awful lot like a size queen. The tribe wins a picnic. Neleh "LOVE[S]" picnics.

It's finally Day 17, and stresses at Rotu have "reached a boiling point." Zoe argues the different between an "alliance" and a "friendship," and then Rob wants to be told flat-out that there isn't an alliance, but John refuses to do so. Rob wants to know if he has "stupid" written on his forehead, and he'll be able to see for himself soon enough, since there are mirrors back at the lodge. After a series of trust me!/trust you?/ trust me?/trust you!s they agree to vote off the Maraamus first after the merge. John doesn't want Rob to "try to fuck [him]." Not even just a little.

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