Look Closer: The First 24 Days

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I'll Show You Mine, If You Don't Show Me Yours....Again.

The next immunity is critical for Rob. He leads Rotu through a maze!

It's now Day 18 and the sixth Tribal Council. Gina becomes the tribe's last casualty, as "old tribal lines held fast." Kathy promised to take Gina to Alaska and buy her the restaurant, which we didn't hear during the voting the first time around, and which seems like an awfully generous promise to me. Gina's torch gets sweetly extinguished.

One member from each tribe heads off on a journey on Day 19. Kathy and Rob become "ambassadors" for the merge, and celebrate over pizza, beer, and -- we're supposed to think, anyway -- some hot jungle lovin'. Partying soon turns to more important conversation: the fact that Rob is an uncaring, "lazy bum." They trade gossip from the tribes, grow increasingly vulnerable, and decide never to vote against each other. It's nighttime, and Kathy keeps her pants on.

Day 20. They wake up for breakfast and Kathy broadly grins from inside the tent. They get pastries, and we didn't see any pastries when the episode aired. Kathy tells us that the morning was amazing, particularly being on a pillow with cushions under her body. Rob and Kathy toast each other, and Rob says the donuts are "out of control!" Kathy says, "There are donuts?" But it turns out that "pastry" is too fancy a word for Rob, and so he's just been calling them "donuts" to avoid challenging his vocabulary. We learn that they then "pounded out a name" for the new tribe. Kathy talks it through with, "Soliantu, Soliantu, Soliantus, Soliantus" and then explains that they took the words "sun," "alliance," and "sacred" and combined them. Also, they wanted to be able to shout the tribe's name after winning a victory. But there are only individual challenges remaining, so why would one shout the tribe's name? On that note, why would one even shout one's own name? Kathy concludes that Soliantu means "sacred alliance of sun and fire." They think the hot pink flag looks cool. Rob tells us that Kathy was "awesome company," and he's amazed that they got everything done, but what else did they have to do? Rob says he had a "wonderful time" that morning, but a "wonderful, wonderful night." Eh-hem.

They then return together to Maraamu, where Kathy shrieks and runs around while the others attempt to pack up the camp in five minutes. Rob reveals their new pink buffs, and Neleh is excited because that's BARBIE'S FAVORITE COLOR!

The Maraamus are greeted by the Rotus, and Rob now displays the new flag. They cheer! Soliantu! Rob looks excited that it sounds so good when cheered aloud, and he should be...because it's the last time he'll ever hear it.

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