Love Is In The Air

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Love Is In The Air

Previously: Dave and Sherea were at each other's throats, but his know-it-all-ness trumped her do-none-of-it-ness, and he was the one sent home. In other news, Todd was accumulating immunity idol clues like friendship bracelets, despite the fact that handing over a clue to him seemed to be sort of a curse. Big-N-Meaty Jean-Robert, meanwhile, continued his war with Pale-N-Pointy Courtney, and they were both sure that the next person to be sent home in the event of a Fei Long defeat would be the other. And all week, we have been promised a twist. What! Will! Happen?

Appropriately, we open with a panda snoozing. Even the pandas don't believe the promos anymore.

Zhan Hu, Day 13. People are beginning to wake up from their deep and Dave-less sleep, and Sherea says she had the best sleep she's had yet. She interviews that having Dave gone made everyone feel extremely relaxed. On the other hand, a less happy Frosti is telling Peih-Gee that he's tired of losing, and he feels like that's all they ever do. He interviews that while Zhan Hu should have a good team now, Fei Long is also really good. He thinks Aaron is a good leader, and then there's James, who...well. Is James. "They're a hard team to beat," says Frosti. Peih-Gee says she thinks the whole team needs to work together and work equally, so that they can be strong in camp and at challenges. I believe this is directed at Sherea, no? Sherea interviews that she feels a little left out at Zhan Hu, and she's looking to "spice things up" and wants "drama." Oh, honey. You will get plenty of that without even looking, believe me.

Credits. Is anyone hungry? I'm having a craving for Chinese, and I can't figure out why.

We return to Zhan Hu on Day 13, and Jaime and Erik are bathing/floating/swimming and quizzing each other on their middle names, which is how you fall in love in reality television, as you know. In an interview, Erik compares his situation with Jaime to being in the Garden of Eden. What with And the woman? And...being in China? I don't know what he's talking about. Jaime interviews that she's been unable to find anything wrong with Erik so far, and then we go back to their water chat, where he tells her that he just kind of wants to make it clear that he's a virgin.

I have absolutely no idea why he decided to announce that, and it almost surely wasn't as utterly out of context as this made it seem, but...dude, unless you're planning to have sex with her fairly imminently, she doesn't have any need for this information. Jaime makes a hilarious little "yikes" face, even though she tries really hard not to. It's kind of a theme of this episode that Jaime has an absolutely atrocious poker face. At any rate, Erik explains to her that he decided a while back not to do it, presumably with some specific person, and he thought at the time it was because he was too young, but now he realizes he wants it to be with the right person. She interviews that it's great that Erik's a virgin, because it makes him "even more trustworthy." That is incredibly stupid. People don't remain virgins because they're more virtuous than people who don't. I know many people who regret their early sexual experiences, but I can't think of any who consider them ethical lapses. I tend to fall into the Baby Houseman view where ideally, if you're lucky, "it should be someone that you sort of love," with the "sort of" being absolutely critical, but even if it's not? I can't see that making you less trustworthy. Shut up, Jaime. And honestly, shut up, Erik, for discussing your virginity on television for no reason. Good luck answering the question "So, have you done it yet?" to curious strangers for the next five years.

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