Love Is In The Air

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Love Is In The Air

As they continue to float/swim, Jaime decides to tell Erik all about the immunity idol (since they're wildly oversharing anyway), and about how you get clues when the other tribe gives them to you. Erik talks in an interview about how this can only help him, and he doesn't know what will happen in their relationship, but he likes being aligned with her. Chicka-...limp.

Fei Long, Day 13. As James and Denise work on the morning chores, he tells us that he's doing most of the work for the tribe right now. Well, except for Denise, who also really pulls her weight and works hard. He says he really digs Denise, because she can "compliment you and work with you." She's just his type of woman. And you keep thinking that he's saying something he doesn't mean to say, but then he adds that if she were ten years younger or he were ten years older, she'd "be in trouble." That's...weird? And...maybe sweet? But...mostly presumptuous? In...possibly more ways than one? She agrees in an interview, though, that they get along great, and that they've sort of clicked based on their shared work ethic. She thinks she can trust him and stick with him. She does not, however, suggest that she'd do him if it were more age-appropriate. You must admit that an epic romance between lunch lady and gravedigger would have made for quite a scandalous season. James cooks breakfast as J-R pitches in by instructing him to keep cooking.

A boat arrives at Fei Long and the fisherman who's aboard drops off a message. When the team opens the message, it contains a list of Zhan Hu members and instructs Fei Long to choose and mark the two they want to bring over to their tribe, and the fisherman will go get them and bring them back. Fei Long immediately identifies the "catch" here, which barely even qualifies as a "catch," which is that undoubtedly, Zhan Hu is currently choosing members of their tribe to obtain as well, and they're pretty sure Aaron and James will be taken. Fei Long considers whether they need some kind of big voting system to decide whom to take, but it turns out that Frosti and Sherea are the two everybody wants. They mark those names on the sheet, as Todd interviews that this shift will require everyone to rethink the strategy of the game. J-R cautions James that he's sure to be taken by Zhan Hu if they're over there getting the same note right now.

And hey, they are! The difference is that, because they're the smaller tribe, Zhan Hu seems to think this is some kind of tribe-evening-up mechanism, so it seriously never occurs to anyone (it appears) that Fei Long is getting a similar message and will be taking Zhan Hu members. They just think they're being given the opportunity to bring over the strongest Fei Long members to their tribe, giving them the same numbers advantage that Fei Long now enjoys, at no cost to them. That's extremely goofy. Maybe if they were taking one, which would even up the tribes at six each, but why in the hell would the game just hand one tribe that much of an advantage over the other? As you can imagine, they're feeling pretty smug about how great this is going to be, since they've utterly missed the point. Peih-Gee confidently interviews that this will "cripple the other tribe," and that having seven members to the other tribe's five will shift all the power to her tribe. Oh, Peih-Gee. The tribe quickly settles on James as the first kidnappee. They also discuss taking Aaron, with Erik bringing up the idea of taking Aaron just so they can boot him off soon. So they're taking Aaron and James. Frosti interviews that they have a big advantage now. They're totally going to win now! This is great!

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