Love Is In The Air

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Love Is In The Air

But when the boat arrives at Zhan Hu, there are no waving members of Fei Long. There is only a fisherman who presents them with the sheet Fei Long filled out, demanding that they surrender Frosti and Sherea. Sherea claps her hand over her mouth and screams, kind of something she does. Frosti explains this in an interview, and Sherea says this absolutely never occurred to them. The group has a fond farewell, and Sherea and Frosti get in their boat to leave.

Over at Fei Long, they know what the approaching boat is up to as soon as they see know, approach. The paper tells them that Zhan Hu wants James and Aaron, and nobody is in the least surprised. Aaron interviews that things have been great for them up to this point, and they had all the momentum, and this pretty much throws all his big plans in the trash. J-R sweats the departure of the guys, and everyone hugs each other goodbye. James, for his part, interviews that he has no ties at Zhan Hu and will have to start from scratch making connections with people. J-R interviews that this all sucks for his team, because the people who are leaving are both strong guys, and for him specifically, because he and James are tight allies. Denise tells us that this didn't faze her much -- change is a thing that happens. Just a little something she learned watching mold grow on chicken nuggets. But she also makes it clear that she'd really rather this hadn't gone quite this way. When James and Aaron are gone, J-R manages to shove through an "agreement" (to which some seem to be "agreeing" just so he'll be quiet) that the group will vote out Sherea and then Frosti if it should happen to lose immunity. J-R passive-aggressively pouts that he himself would be the obvious choice, but they all tell him to chill out and stop bothering them. J-R tells us that it was "a god-awful day for Jean-Robert." Oh, every day is a god-awful day with Jean-Robert. Oh...for Jean-Robert. That, too.

After commercials, we watch as the boats carrying the tribe-switching pairs cross paths, and the transferees wave at each other a little. On the way over, James and Aaron try to convince themselves that they're cool and it's all under control. But Aaron interviews that this is causing him "apprehension." When they arrive at the Zhan Hu beach, the little trio of Erik, Jaime, and Peih-Gee welcome the new tribe members. Peih-Gee mentions that they showed up hauling a goodie basket of fruits and nuts. Hey, it always softens the blow of your unwelcome arrival if you bring food. James complains that people at Zhan Hu are mostly pretty happy, and he's used to the unhappy peeps over at Fei Long. "I like misery," he says. GRAAAVEDIGGER!

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