Love Is In The Air

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Love Is In The Air

James tries to pry into Zhan Hu's business for a little information about what the internal dynamics are, but they're not budging much. Jaime does mention that she and Peih-Gee are big puzzle-solvers back at home. (I would laugh, but I recently completed a crossword puzzle so annoyingly difficult -- Greek letters in some of the boxes! -- that I actually had to show it to Sars after it was done. I am ashamed.) So their puzzle-solvingness...that might come up later! James announces that he's going to do all the work around camp, and the rest of them should just prepare themselves to fight -- fight hard, team! -- for victory in tomorrow's immunity challenge. Surely, it will be an epic battle!

And now, Sherea and Frosti are delivered to Fei Long. Todd says that this is "kind of exciting," because it's just more people for him to form great bonds of trust with. It's interesting that his response isn't that this is easily disposable fresh meat that protects him from booting for another couple of weeks, but more..."Hey, maybe they'll like me, too!" These evictees also arrive at their new place with a basket of food, so everyone sits down for a picnic. Sherea says that this feels like a fresh start for her, and she does look really happy. She tells us that she wasn't in a great position at Zhan Hu, but she's hoping she can improve her lot by coming over to Fei Long. Frosti, however, interviews that this all is pretty disorienting and probably unfortunate, and he just wants to find somewhere that he can settle in for a bit.

Fei Long, Day 14. While everyone else is in bed, J-R gets up and makes breakfast. This fools zero of the people on his tribe, especially since he wakes them up to feed them, only to start lecturing them about what they should do next in terms of chores. I don't think anyone appointed him to succeed Aaron, and as you'll recall, that's what this team does. It appoints leaders by acclimation. (Unlike Zhan Hu, which has its leaders chosen by Jeff Probst.) Denise, in particular, bristles at being ordered around, probably because she does a ton of work and he does none, and yet he seems to have concluded that the new "leader" is going to be chosen by...height, maybe. J-R also starts telling Sherea not only that she's going to be the cook, but what she should cook first. When J-R is gone, eyes roll on a universal level. Frosti interviews that listening to the extreme unhappiness people were feeling for J-R after he stomped away was very gratifying for him, because it's great to know that there's another potential target. Courtney and Sherea discuss J-R's sexist streak and how much they are not enjoying it. Sherea then interviews that she thinks it's going to present an opportunity, the fact that everyone hates J-R. I think it's undoubtedly true that literally the first thing you want to see when you get to a new tribe in this kind of situation is that it already has a pariah. It's the most beloved J-R will ever be, and it's a pity he can't be told about it.

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