Love Is In The Air

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Love Is In The Air

Over at Zhan Hu, Aaron has a chat with Peih-Gee, Erik, and Jaime in the water, and everyone seems to be getting along great. Aaron interviews that he's feeling comfortable, but he doesn't know how James is doing. Neither does he particularly care, since he's trying to plant the seed with Fei Long that they might need to get rid of James before the merge. Unfortunately, he undoes some of the work he's trying to do in helping himself when he chokes on the part where Jaime wants to know whether he'd boot J-R first at merge time if it came to that. I'm not even sure why he's hesitating, but all it does is make him seem really sketchy. Peih-Gee interviews that Aaron is smart, strong, attractive, and so forth, but she thinks he's "crafty" and "holding a little bit back." She says that she's not sure how long Frosti and Sherea can stay around over at Fei Long, so she needs to have a chat with Jaime.

And what is that chat about? Well, as Peih-Gee and Jaime secret themselves in the bushes, Peih-Gee says that if they win the next couple of immunities, there's a good chance that Frosti and Sherea will be booted, at which point a merge will leave Peih-Gee, Jaime, and Erik basically isolated. If, on the other hand, they were to lose the next two challenges, they'd be able to get rid of Aaron and James, who will be hard to get rid of once individual immunity becomes available, and they'll merge with five original Fei Long versus five original Zhan Hu. As you know if you've read recaps for a while, I'm almost always against throwing challenges, but the particular weird situation that's been created here does, I admit, mean that it makes a certain amount of sense. Unlike the time Ozzy threw a challenge because he simply thought someone was holding his team back, where the flaw in the theory is that you don't gain anything you couldn't gain by just waiting to see if you win or you lose, this is a situation where there's a limited window of opportunity to get rid of these two guys. Basically, Peih-Gee is treating Aaron and James like temporary tribe members because there's presumably a short time till the merge, and I think that's fair. If you had the other team's two strongest guys temporarily, like with the kidnapping, you'd get rid of one of them, right? Sure you would. Unless you're Lex, in which case you'd be too dumb to get rid of one of them.

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