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Love Is In The Air

At any rate, Jaime sort of resists, but Peih-Gee points out to her that if they do actually merge at ten (which is tradition, sort of, mostly), then this could be the right play.

Back from commercials, we are at the immunity challenge. Jeff asks Todd about the new tribe members, and he says that while they lost two strong guys, he thinks the new folks will be an asset. Aaron says that he knows he's on the block potentially, so he knows he needs to work hard to win. Jeff takes back immunity from Amanda. Back up for grabs! Two members of each tribe will swim out to a platform and trade off diving down to pull bamboo poles out of a cage (bear with me) to release these discs that float to the surface. Then when all twelve discs have come up, those two people drop them into a little "boat" (but it's like a mini-boat) and drag it back to shore. Then three people on shore fit the discs into a puzzle. Fei Long sits out Amanda and Courtney.

The swimming/diving is Erik and Aaron versus Frosti and J-R. for the most part, this remains close, although Erik and Aaron give Zhan Hu a small lead coming into the puzzle. J-R doesn't do his team any favors when he almost capsizes the toy boat, but the teams are still, contrary to what Jeff will claim later, fairly close as they approach the puzzle. As soon as the puzzle work begins, it's clear that Jaime and Peih-Gee are indeed throwing the challenge, given that (1) Jaime throws one of the pieces sort of out of the way before they even get started; and (2) she cannot stop smirking the entire time. I do not recommend a career in espionage. As Jaime and Peih-Gee and James fall farther behind, Jeff asks Peih-Gee if she's good at puzzles. "I'm good at Sudoku," she says cheerfully, and a frustrated James tells her to stop talking nonsense and pay attention to her work. He doesn't get it. Unsurprisingly, Fei Long manages the victory against their challenge-throwing opponents. Jeff gives immunity to Fei Long and disgustedly refers to Zhan Hu as offering "the worst performance in a challenge yet," erroneously claiming that they had a "big lead" from Aaron and Erik, when really, they had a small lead from Aaron and Erik. Jeff has already decided that he's going into his pissy, offended, "integrity of the game"-oriented mode, and that is going to be just as big of a goddamn drag as always. Everybody back to camp.

At Zhan Hu after the challenge, the tribe is standing around, and Jaime still can't stop smirking as James laments how badly it went with the puzzle. I seriously cannot remember the last time I saw anyone on this show who was less able to avoid telegraphing her emotions. Her face is her mood ring. James continues to complain about how Jaime and Peih-Gee seemed to crack under the pressure. And now he doesn't understand why they're laughing and smiling. He has not a single clue about what's going on here, honestly. He announces that Erik and Aaron should now decide which of the women to send home, since it's critical for them to maintain "a strong team." He further interviews that he's not getting water for people who don't try hard in challenges, so they "might as well send [him] home...or cut one of them girls." Heh. He started off all indignant, like, "Send me home, then!", but then he realized that...he doesn't actually want to go home. So it comes off, "FUCK YOU!...kind of."

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