Love Is In The Air

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Love Is In The Air

Tribal council. Jeff first asks about the shuffle, wondering "what rationale" they used in choosing the two gigantic, enormous dudes who were winning all the challenges. Start with something easier, Jeff! Predictably, she says it was an effort to take Fei Long's strongest people. Jeff asks Aaron how he reacted, and Aaron says that his previous tribe was strong, and he knew the loss was really bad for him. Jeff calls Jaime out for smiling during the extremely somber ritual of tribal council. He's like Tyra, always with the extreme anger when people fail to take name-calling from Janice Dickinson adequately seriously. Just another similarity between divas. Jaime hedges, claiming that while she's not happy to be here, she's also not "trying to be all pissed off" over it.

Jeff now decides to insert himself into the game, as he likes to do when it harms someone he dislikes or benefits someone he likes. It is his worst quality as host, particularly when it dovetails with his revoltingly earnest contempt for anyone who doesn't go balls-out with enough integrity for his nothing-at-stake ass. He accuses Jaime of not caring enough about winning the challenge. She says she didn't want to wind up stuck with people who would just flip after the merge, and Jeff tells her that he therefore concludes that she threw the challenge. She admits it. James looks around with this eye-boggling face, because he can't comprehend that as distasteful as this is to him, it makes obvious sense from their perspective. This is the most logical thing for them to do in this really unusual arrangement. The thing that's nutty about this is that they had to make a decision between trying to win, in which case Frosti or Sherea would likely have been thrown overboard (possibility of a J-R booting being, in my opinion, not as high as one might hope), and trying to lose, in which case they could control who went home. They're not throwing it just to get rid of someone they don't like; they're throwing it because winning the challenge is actively bad for them and results in the booting of one of their grand-scheme allies. It's one of those cases I've ranted about before where either thing that you do involves risk; there's no airtight move for you. This is, in a way, Peih-Gee and Jaime being willing to accept risk to save themselves in the long run, kind of like Tom and Ian being willing to draw rocks, which also might seem insane if you look at it in a certain way.

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