Love Is In The Air

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Love Is In The Air

Jeff follows with this: "James, this must drive you nuts. To watch people come into a game that's really about winning, and to see them continually lose, and then today, willingly lose." Peih-Gee, entirely correctly, points out that the game isn't about winning the challenges; it's about winning the entire game as a whole. James still isn't hearing it. He starts again with the whole thing about how he can't work with people like this, blah blah, and Jeff asks if that means it's him going home. James says, "It should be." Jeff asks Aaron if he's inclined to ask to stay, and Aaron says that he wants to stay as long as he can. He also tells Jeff that he thinks it's James tonight, but he brought his stuff anyway. Dun!

Voting. Of note, Aaron votes for James, while James votes for Peih-Gee. We see no other votes. When Jeff returns, he reads the vote for Peih-Gee, then the one for James. for Aaron. And Aaron, and Aaron, so that's the end of Aaron. He is snuffed, and he walks off. Jeff announces that the three of them who threw the challenge (he doesn't seem to know Erik wasn't in on it) that they're making some assumptions about the game, which may or may not be true. Meaning they're not true, meaning we're not going to get a merge at ten. Jeff is not subtle, particularly. Maybe his next girlfriend should be Jaime. They wouldn't have to tell each other anything, because they'd already know. More than words, you dig?

In his farewell, Aaron says that he figured it would be James, and he enjoyed being in "battle" with the big guy. I have the weird sensation of having absolutely no opinion of Aaron whatsoever. Do I like him? I do not. Do I dislike him? I do not. This is what's wrong with this season, for me. I have no opinion of almost anyone, except that Frosti seems cool and J-R is irritating. It's hard for me to care what happens, because I don't feel like I've...met anyone. I don't know if it's a casting problem or a problem with the way they're putting the shows together, but this all feels like one endless first episode.

Next week: hunting the immunity idol and gross food. This should be right up the lunch lady's alley.

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