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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

And then everyone wanders off to sleep, and we get our obligatory night-vision footage of the snugglefest going on between Jeff and Kim. Angie interviews that Kim might be playing him, but that she's not sure. She wonders, understandably, about whether there's an alliance there. Really don't think the snuggling is very smart. Boston Rob and Amber got away with it; they will probably be the last to do so.

The next day, Angie and Kim (I think) retrieve the treemail, which includes a military mess kit and a sheet with a Morse code alphabet on it. And in Morse code at the bottom, they figure out that it says, "Learn this." So they head back to camp, determined to "learn this." They immediately decide to split up the alphabet so that each person only has to learn three or four letters. So basically, they're banking on the fact that they will all be together when they use it, and that it won't be a situation where, for instance, each person has to execute a maneuver requiring them to know the alphabet. It's pretty risky, and given that they have literally nothing else to do, it seems like they could have learned, or at least tried to learn, a little bit more of the twenty-six-letter alphabet per person in the time they had. We watch them all quiz each other off their little flash cards. Bobby Jon explains that they got a real boost from the reward challenge victory, but now they need to win the immunity challenge. And also, he will whup your ass.

The teams arrive at a challenge beach, and Probst takes the coconut monkey back from Koror, making him "up for grabs" again. (The monkey, not Probst, although that would have been funny.) (Probst, not the monkey, because monkeys? Never funny.) Probst reminds them that he hopes they learned their Morse code like they were supposed to. He then explains the challenge. The team will swim out to a platform and then dive down ten feet to a rope that's threaded through a weighted barrel and then extends fifty feet to a foot locker. In other words, the barrel keeps the rope running along the bottom. While underwater, you pull the rope through the barrel, dragging the foot locker. Basically, you do this by bracing your feet against the barrel and pulling as hard as you can -- getting the idea? Every ten feet you move the foot locker, a marker will pop up showing how far you have left to go. When you finally retrieve the foot locker, you open it, and eight mess kits will float up out of it. You unclip the eight mess kits and bring them to shore. Each of them has a Morse code letter on it. You arrange them to make a word, and then you're done. Koror sits Katie for this particular challenge. And..."Survivors ready..." Oh, shut up, Probst. They're not that ready, but they're going anyway.

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