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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

The teams swim out, being reminded that all eight of your members who are playing have to make it out to the pontoon before you can dive. Willard lags a little for Koror, and Ulong gets to dive first. Jeff drags the foot locker for Ulong while Willard is still getting to his team. Stephanie heads down and pulls as Willard finally arrives and Koror is free to go. Coby and Tom both dive. Ulong pops its forty-foot marker. Tom, the stud, apparently pulls the thing ten feet on his first shot and single-handedly gets them caught up. Angie and then James flame out for Ulong as Ian and Tom head down for Koror. Koror seems to have concluded that two people pulling is better than one, because they're sort of sending down teams. Teams consisting, pretty much, of "Tom and someone." And Tom and Ian pull the thing another ten feet, and their thirty-foot marker pops up. Ashlee heads down for Ulong, and she does nothing. Conspicuously not heading underwater, incidentally, is Kim. Tom heads down again for Koror, and their twenty-foot marker pops up. Jeff and Ibrehem go down, but I'm not sure they've really figured out how to do the bracing with their feet, because they don't get much accomplished, and they certainly seem strong enough to drag the thing, so I don't know. Tom keeps pulling, and their ten-foot marker comes up. This challenge certainly is all about Tom, and I am all about challenges that are all about Tom. Stephenie heads down for Ulong again. She is trying her hardest. For a chick who opened on a note of stupidity last week, I'm starting to kind of like her. Ian goes down for Koror and pops the last buoy, so they're ready to open their trunk and go. Ian goes down and opens the locker, and the mess kits come up. They unclip the kits and head in, as Ulong keeps trying to pull, apparently just not having the strength or move the thing. They either are huge weenies, or they never figured out how to pull that rope properly.

Koror swims to shore. Ulong struggles in futility. On the beach, Koror shuffles the mess-kit letters, and before long, it figures out that the word is, unsurprisingly..."immunity." Which Koror wins, meaning that Ulong is going to tribal council again. Stephenie slaps the water. Ulong dog-paddles around in despair. As it sort of should, because that display was sad. Koror is getting the coconut monkey. Ulong is warned that it will be heading for tribal council. Pat the monkey! Love the monkey! Because as you all know, out here on the island, the monkey represents life.

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