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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

Bobby Jon and Stephenie go for a walk on the beach as the ominous surf pounds, and Bobby Jon advocates the booting of Ashlee. He interviews that Kim and Ashlee are "about right here," making the even-Steven, balanced-scales motion with his hands. As a result, he says that it's a matter of going with "gut instinct." Out in the water, Stephenie makes the entirely valid point that there's a good and substantive reason to choose Kim, and that's to break up a Jeff/Kim coupling before it even can get started. But Bobby Jon, never having seen the show before, doesn't understand how a two-person alliance is that big a deal. Steph seems to make the point that the alliance already seems relevant, in that Kim was so confident that she wouldn't be booted that she didn't make any effort at the challenge and, as stated above, exactly. Steph interviews that the current status is that she, James, Angie, and Ashlee still want to boot Kim, and Bobby Jon is "undecided." He doesn't seem undecided to me. But anyway, she knows that the other three people (Jeff, Kim, and Ibrehem, apparently) want to vote for Ashlee, so now it looks like it might be a tie if Bobby Jon goes with the other folks.

Stephenie and Kim take a walk, and Kim asks what Stephenie's plan is. Stephenie claims not to know, but Kim's all over it, and asks if she's the one going. Steph says plainly that it's her or Ashlee. "Really?" Kim asks. "Who said me?" Steph hesitates. "It's like the consensus," she says, using "consensus" in the less common sense of "opinion of part of the sharply divided group." Kim, in an interview, gears up for a round of the totally weird speech somebody gives every now and then about how in order to earn her "respect," people have to tell her in advance if they're voting for her. I just don't understand that at all, let alone what it has to do with respect. It's a game, isn't it? Why do they have to tell her? They're kind of already screwing her. Kim carries this philosophy to a conversation with James in which she argues that she doesn't deserve to be booted and demands that if he's going to vote against her, he tell her before they go to tribal council. He promises. And then he gives her the wink, the tongue click, and the finger gun. Wow. That's all three elements of Baby, I Would Never Lie To You, Except About Whatever We're Talking About Right Now, Because I Would Totally Lie About That.

Elsewhere, Steph gives the bad news to Ashlee that it kind of looks like it might be her, too. But Steph does at least claim that she thinks this isn't smart, as Angie looks at the ground. Steph warns the other two women that if there's an alliance between the four currently holding to boot Ashlee, then if the rest don't make a stand this week, they'll just be booted one by one. Angie, in an interview, predicts a tie. And here goes the tribe, off to tribal council.

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