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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

When they're all settled, Probst claims that they're all "very subdued." But first, he wants to talk to Angie about her "amazing turnaround" after her crap of last week, resulting in her reward-challenge performance of this week. He asks her whether she thinks there was "an impact with the tribe," in that her stock rose somewhat. She hopes so, and adds that she's not sure where the perception that she was a "a physical weak link" came from, but she thinks it isn't true. Probst reminds the team that the good news is that they won reward. But then, of course...the immunity challenge. Probst asks Kim how the team took the loss. She says that the reaction was "total devastation." Well, one would hope not. You have to save something for natural disasters and the cancellation of sci-fi shows of which you are a fan. Kim claims that she was unprepared for the bonds that would form between herself and other people. (Chicka-bamp!) Ashlee smiles knowingly. "We rely on each other so much," Kim whimpers. Angie rolls her eyes broadly. Snerk. From self-pitying isolation to confident eye-rolling in three days!

Probst gets all nosy as usual, asking Jeff whether he has any friendships or "flirting" going on. Jeff says that, to no one's surprise, he and Kim have gotten to know each other a bit. Probst asks Kim when she first became aware that she was attracted to Jeff. First she fans herself, claiming "it's hot in here all of a sudden." From that? From being asked when she was attracted to him? Amateur. Girl couldn't banter to save her life. Kim then gives up that, from day one, Jeff was staying up and she couldn't sleep, and the rest is history. And probably really boring history, too, so why even get into it? Probst asks Steph whether she's noticed what's going on between Jeff and Kim, and Steph's like, "Duh." But she covers it well by just saying diplomatically that "they hang out a lot" and "they cuddle." James puts in a more ominous "We've all noticed." Jeff then tries to make the claim that it's really a practical advantage to have someone sleeping with you when you're cold. Mm-hmm. You're one pragmatic young man, Jeff! Probst tells Jeff that that's all well and good, but points out that whether he and Kim are really becoming a couple or not, if they're perceived as one, that will be bad for him. Jeff claims that everyone knows there's no alliance between himself and Kim. Steph does not look like she knows. Nor does James, judging from his incredulous scrunchy-face. Kim repeats the absurd claim that this wouldn't change anything, but the problem is that if she wanted to sell that, it would be very important not to give the impression of resting on her laurels by, for instance, failing to move her ass in an immunity challenge. Probst asks her if it had ever occurred to her that anyone might interpret her thing with Jeff as threatening, and she giggles, "Not until now." So I guess she's never seen the show either.

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