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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

Probst asks James what the basis will be for his vote. "Ah got ma mind made up," James says, not answering the question. He does add that it's a person who "can't hang with the rest of us." So, inability to hang, then, is about to seal someone's fate.

Time to vote. Steph votes. Ashlee votes. Ibrehem votes Kim, surprisingly enough, saying that he feels like he has to be loyal to Ashlee because she picked him for the tribe. Now why, then, weren't there five votes to boot Kim without any help from Bobby Jon or Jeff? Why didn't Ibrehem, Angie, Steph, James, and Ashlee just get rid of Kim? Oy. I wonder if it was lack of communication, that tricky devil. Angie votes. Kim votes. Jeff votes for Ashlee. "I'm a man of my word. Plus, you just bug the hell out of me," he says, rather gratuitously under the circumstances. I get the feeling he is a major dick and will be revealed to be more and more so over the course of however long he is around. We'll just see if I turn out to be right. I can usually sniff out jerkitude with pinpoint accuracy, although my usual method of being enormously attracted to the jerk is admittedly not the method I am using here, so my powers of prognostication may be impaired. James votes. Bobby Jon votes. And now, it is time for Probst to fetch the urn.

When Probst returns, the first vote is for Kim. The second vote is for Ashlee. The third vote is for Jeff, which makes him make a face. Then Ashlee, Ashlee, and Ashlee, and that will do it. Kim makes a face like she's sorry, which she isn't. Probst snuffs Ashlee, and she leaves. Probst says that he thinks the tribe is tight, but he advises them to "get a clear goal." Like winning! That would be a goal. They all walk off.

And really, does anyone care whether Ashlee or Kim got voted off? No. Because there is too much cannon fodder, because there were too many contestants, because the show is hopelessly overblown right now. Booooo. Furthermore, I hate to pick on the way the show is assembled, because it's usually impeccably made, but it's always weird when, in order to preserve suspense over the booting, they conceal the entire sequence in which a bunch of people change their votes. Why did everybody who was going to vote for Kim decide to vote for Ashlee? They didn't give really a hint of why Steph would have changed her vote, or what their plan is if they hand over power to a foursome of Jeff, Kim, Ibrehem, and Bobby Jon. I walked away confused, and I hate that.

In her exit interview, Ashlee kind of sniffles that she doesn't mind leaving that much, and that she thinks her tribe could tell. I sure wish we knew whether, by chance, she gave that information up to anyone.

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