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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

The teams approach the challenge beach. They line up on their mats, and Koror sees that Ulong got rid of Jolanda. Probst asks Koror how the fire they won is working out, because he totally has noooooo idea what happened. He's a babe in the woods, except that he's not a babe, and it's the jungle. Katie breaks the news to everyone that it's not working great. "We capsized yesterday," she says, to a head-flop from a mock-surprised Probst. (I hate that he wears Survivor hats, incidentally. Bands performing in their own shirts, blah blah blah.) Ian reports that, indeed, the flint, it is kaput for the moment. This causes no end of grinning for Jeff, because I have a feeling he's pretty much an asshole, and even if this didn't benefit his team at all, he would still think it was awesome, just because the other team losing something they won is so funny. Ha ha ha! Also funny? Wedgies. Ian vows that although Ulong has the right to gloat, Koror will find the flint. He refers to Koror as "the Bad News Bears," meaning that they may make many sequels before giving it up already.

And now for today's challenge. It's an obstacle course involving a rope swing, a run on floating barrels, a balance beam, a "wobbly bridge" (whatever, let's not get political), and a rope bridge. Then you grab a flag and come back the same way. Oh, and the other team will have people trying to hit you with big sandbags swinging from ropes as you're running. Fun! It's like gym class, if they had given rocks to the popular kids. And everyone you assign to run the course has at least to make it over the rope swing once, so none of this punking out and doing nothing so that your fast person can go over and over again. And the reward this week? Well, you've waited for it, you've wanted's the Castaway Fishing Experience. The spear! The snorkel! The fins! Everything you need to make like Rupert, only with (I hope!) fewer delusions of grandeur. Jeff also reports that if Ulong wins, it will get fire. It seems kind of unfair to me that if you win fire and you lose it in an accident, you can't win it again. I feel like the opportunity to win fire should persist until you don't need it anymore. But anyway. I don't want to get too exercised about justice and reality shows. Anyway, this news makes James yell, "You da man!" to Probst, which is kind of funny, because...I mean, you'd expect him to say "You da spittlin' rooster's mama!" or something more colorful like that.

Koror sends Tom and Gregg off to be in charge of swinging the heavy bags. Guys who are strong, but not necessarily all that agile -- might be the right call. Ulong does the same thing, sending Jeff and Ibrehem to the bags. Koror is told that they'll have to sit somebody out, and they choose Willard. And now, for reward, "Survivors ready...go!"

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