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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

James and Coby beat the rope swing, and James scampers across the barrels and the balance beam, even fending off a flying bag. Coby goes muuuuch more slowly. James finishes the bridges and gets to the flags, so he's kind of off to a flying start. As he heads back, Coby falls off the course into the water. And then worst of all, James and his flag are almost back to the starting line when they fall into the water, so Ulong isn't getting that flag, either. Both teams are empty so far. Ian and Bobby Jon go next, and the highlight is where Bobby Jon gets hit by a bag and yells, like a complete spaz, "GET THAT BAG OFF ME!" He's all angry at the bag. Oooh, irrational rage at inanimate objects and the vague suggestion of an unquiet mind. I'll tell you right now, Bobby Jon gets all the pieces of self-loathing ass he can handle. He and Ian both make it to the flags. But Ian loses his concentration awaiting a bag from Jeff that never comes, and he falls off anyway. Booo! Bobby Jon does an admirable job of trying to survive a fall on the rolling barrels, but he just can't stay there hugging and rolling forever (snerk), so he eventually falls in as well. And he roars again, looking up at the sky like a crazy man, rar! So...not off to a great start here. Katie attempts to go next for Koror, but can't handle the rope swing, even. She has to complete it, too, because they can't win unless everybody gets across the rope swing at least once.

And this is where Sad, Sad Tattoo Girl sees her opportunity emerge. Angie swings across on the rope bridge, and then she follows the only method of making it across this course that's really going to work, which is a little something called Skitter and Pray. You skitter, and you pray. And also, the guys throwing the bags feel a tiny bit sorry for you, I think, and maybe subconsciously try slightly less hard to pulverize you like you're a ripe melon. Angie makes it all the way to the flag, as Katie struggles with the rope swing. Angie eventually dodges a couple of bags that come on the way back as Tom and Gregg figure out that they're about to be in big trouble, but then she actually manages to make it back to her team. With their first flag! Ashlee goes next for Ulong, and...Katie's down on the rope swing again. She's like the rope gets five feet longer when she's the one hanging from it. She's hitting the platform with her knees, y'all. ["That would be me: decent upper-body strength, no co-ordination." -- Wing Chun]

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