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Previously on Gary's Bug Bites 1, Lisi's Karma 0: Gary continued to deteriorate as a result of Old Dude Tired Bones Syndrome, and eventually, they had to haul him out on a stretcher. Most of Moto, overwhelmed with compassion, sobbed, "Cool, more room on the sofa!" A five-person alliannoyance between Alex, Edgardo, Boo, Stacy, and Lisi was skulking around Moto. It makes a lot of sense to follow Lisi at this point, because getting rid of starving, pained Ravu-ites at this point really is like hitting ants with a hammer. At the immunity challenge, Moto won again, but learned that it would have to go to tribal council anyway unless it was willing to trade Couch Camp for Ouch Camp. It knew deep down that its delicate set of fannies was too spoiled to sit on the cold ground now, so it went back to camp to ponder a boot for the first time. Alex wanted Cassandra out because she was bad at everything, but Stacy and Lisi were sure that Liliana was trying to use diabolical Mexican techniques to influence the men through sports massage. Therefore, they insisted on the Liliana boot. There are fourteen people left. Who will be voted out...tonight?

Ravu, Night 11. The moon, as always, appears judgmental and dissatisfied. Actually, that might be my reflection in the TV. For once, Ravu is enjoying an evening fire without having just returned from tribal council. That must have been quite the relocation process. I hope they didn't get break any of the tribal council stools, so they could get their security deposit back. Yau Man is busily cooking...something in a pot in the general shape of French fries, asking people whether they "like it well done." Hey, you have to take your opportunities to shape your environment where you find them. I'm sure it's not actually French fries, and secretly suspect that it might just be sticks, but it's probably some kind of fruit.

Yau Man interviews that he's just back from Exile Island, and of course, he now knows where the idol is, having received the Look Here Dummy clue. Of course, because the idol is at camp, it's not so easy finding a time to dig for it. I do find that twist nicely cruel, in that it must be incredibly frustrating knowing that it's there and not being able to get to it. In other news, I don't understand how crisp and good Yau Man's shirt looks in this interview. He looks like he just picked it up from the dry cleaner. Its neatness is totally distracting. At Ouch Camp, filth is a social norm. Yau Man then reminds us that Earl is the only other member of the tribe who's been to Exile Island. We watch as Earl and Yau Man have a chat about the clues. "It's 'deep,'" Yau Man mutters to Earl. "So how deep is 'deep'?" If I had a nickel for every time I've watched reality-show contestants pretend to care about that very issue, I could buy a bulldozer. Earl points out that however "deep" may be, it's probably not "push dirt with a stick" deep, and they have nothing to dig with anyway, to which Yau Man agrees. And they know that there's no point in even trying to dig up anything interesting once you've gone deeper than about six inches. Interestingly, I know a guy about whom I would say exactly the same thing. "And with that machete, forget it," Yau Man says. Yeah, it takes the right tools to dig a hole deep in the earth, which is only one of many reasons it's never good when a blind date shows up carrying a shovel. Yau Man then interviews that he and Earl both know that they both know, sort of, where the idol is. He thinks that maybe they can cooperate to find it. It's interesting, because it's not like more than one person can use it, but it can give power to a group, as Yul discovered last season. Earl tells Yau Man that if he needs help finding time to look, Earl might be able to hustle folks out of camp. Interestingly enough, they don't appear to have an explicit agreement about what they're going to do with the idol if they wind up as essentially cooperative co-finders of it. In an interview, Earl points out that Yau Man actually has a lot more information about where the idol is than Earl does, but Yau Man needs help, or he can't look, so they both need some help to get it. Earl adds that he likes Yau Man and wants to build some trust with him. And I'm all in favor of that, because they're the only two people, out of the fourteen currently playing, that I think I actively like. On the other hand, it's kind of like having the only people who know the Coca-Cola formula ride on the same plane. If this alliance goes down, what will I have left?

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