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Earl matches the "Priests." Ravu's on the board! Dreamz doesn't make a match. Anthony makes a match. More matches happen: Alex, Rocky, Edgardo, Mookie, Stacy, Yau Man, some others...and now the score is 6-6. There is one matching pair left, and there are four dummy boards. So this is the endgame. Michelle goes out to look for the match for Ravu, and in a decently nice display of tribe-ness motivated by the possibility of actually winning, Ravu stands with everyone's arms around each other. They actually look vaguely tribe-like. Michelle...does not make the match. She shows a "13"...and a "14." Edgardo turns over the "12." And then, he goes back to a "9" I think we've already seen. Rocky is next, and he huddles with his tribe and says, "Tell me where to go." They give him directions. The person, interestingly, who is participating in this huddle the least, is Rita, who looks kind of irritated at the clusterfuck quality of everyone standing in a group and yapping, and stands off to the side rather than do much. Satisfied, Rocky heads out. He turns over the "9" in the back -- not the one Edgardo just turned over. He should really, really know this. But now, he draws a blank. He has no idea. Interestingly, the one with the "9" on it is nowhere near any other unused board, so there's just no cause for confusion here, unlike the Yau Man situation earlier, where it was in a field of several. Rocky cannot remember. He turns over the wrong one. It's the "12" -- the "12" that Edgardo flipped that was not the "9." And here comes Cassandra, who makes the match that wins the challenge for Moto. Ravu is going to tribal council...again. And now they're really pissed off, because they were outrageously close.

When we get back from commercials, we're at Ouch Camp on Day 14, where Rocky wants to say a little something about the fact that he knows it was his fault they lost, in the short-term sense. Which is pretty much the only way he thinks himself, so. After he says he takes the blame, he nonetheless takes the opportunity to tell the tribe that, in reality, it was the fault of "mass confusion," in which everyone talked at once. Rita, who was crossing her arms and pouting about the very same thing while Rocky was taking direction from the tribe, is totally on board with this, so she jumps in to agree with him. The effect is unfortunate, because he's talking about talking all at once during challenges, which she wasn't guilty of at all there, but it comes off like she's talking when he's saying the problem is too much talking. I think it's very unfair to Rita the way this comes off, because she doesn't interrupt Rocky, and she doesn't cut him off -- in fact, he cuts her off as she tries to reinforce what he's saying. He goes back to this thing about how almost winning was so wonderful, blah blah blah.

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