Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None

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Jeff asks Earl whether the reasons for votes are starting to change, and Earl says yes. He says that there are more relationships and "chemistry" issues now, so people are making their decisions more carefully.

Jeff asks Yau Man whether he can trust anyone, and Yau Man says that his credo is "Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None." Aw. I might need that as a tattoo. And then he says, "The question is, what is 'few'?" Hee. Indeed. He says that he has to figure out how his strategy fits with other people's strategy.

Jeff asks Anthony whether he feels "comfortable" or not. Anthony doesn't feel comfortable. He knows that there have been some personality clashes between himself and other people on the tribe. He doesn't think they get his honesty. He is misunderstood! Jeff reminds everyone about the later opportunity to play the idol.

Earl votes. Rita votes for Anthony, saying that the "tribe works on majorities." Rocky votes. Michelle votes. Anthony votes for Rita, wishing her well. Mookie votes. Yau Man votes, saying, "It comes down to who is the most disposable. Sorry. Nothing personal." Well, and who would think being labeled "disposable" was personal? Jeff takes the votes, and when he comes back to read, the first vote is for Anthony. Then Rita. Anthony. Rita. Rita. Rita. She gets her torch and leaves. Snuff!

Next week: everything changes! Well, it's about time, because Ravu is almost out of women to boot on the theory that they're irritating and talk too much.

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