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Credits. They must have thought this was an important week, because these are the short credits without individual names, not seen in a while, I don't think. You have to leave time for people to dent the dirt with their foreheads, of course.

We return to Day 12 at Ravu. The sunrise is beautiful. The conditions, not so much. Michelle is sitting alone on the beach. She voices over that everyone at camp is starving. She rattles off some of the luxuries over at Couch Camp that they don't have at Ouch Camp, including something to sleep on besides palm fronds. I do agree that sleeping essentially on the sand for two weeks would not appeal to me, since I don't even like hard mattresses. Michelle says that they do have a good system started for water, so that's something. As the tribe members lie around trying not to die of dehydration, Earl voices over that he and Yau Man have talked about the idol, and that he's going to try to give Yau Man some time alone. Earl tells the tribe that they need to go look for crabs and snails if they think they're going to eat, and everyone else seems to willingly get up and go. Yau Man stays behind, which is risky, but then...nobody else has any way of knowing that the idol is in camp rather than on the island, so they'd never suspect what these guys are actually up to. As soon as the tribe has gone, Yau Man picks up the machete and goes to work, telling us with a smile that his only problem is not knowing when the tribe might get back. He could be interrupted in flagrante idolecto, as it were. He finds the spot where he's thinking it should logically be, and starts picking at the dirt. It's not an efficient way to shovel, at all, but it's all he has.

The rest of Ravu strolls along the beach looking for crabs, and Earl voices over that he hopes Yau Man is looking for the idol right now. Earl and Anthony find their way to a vista, which Anthony says was part of a fruit-hunting expedition, and they sit and have a nice moment taking in the scenery. Anthony thinks that this is about taking time to "be astounded," and that it's giving him energy, because he doesn't know that Earl is dragging their moment of wonder out as long as possible in order to let Yau Man find the idol. I like to think the overblown sense of magic in this sequence is intentionally wry. The majesty of the islands is amazing! Spectacular! Spiritual! And...time-consuming!

Back at camp, however, Yau Man tells us that hunting for the idol isn't going all that well. He has dug a little hole, but of course, he doesn't at all have the right tools. For the moment, he's done, so he stomps down the dirt to cover the hole and whispers, "Try again." If you saw it out of context, you would totally think he was burying someone and telling them to go get bent at the same time.

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