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Alex explains in an interview that Survivor involves a lot of "almost immediate karma." He says that being rude to people for no reason tends to come back and hurt you, not to mention the fact that it's just not any way to act. It's depressing how novel it seems to be this season for anyone to take this position. Back at Coffee Camp, Cassandra notes that her coffee is "all grinds." Stacy makes a face. I'm not sure who made the coffee in Cassandra's cup, even, but I hope it was Stacy, who is not as cool as she thinks she is. Edgardo says that he's "really upset at Stacy and Lisi." He says that the two of them are "on a power trip." He says that if they keep acting like this, they'll be booted themselves, and I immediately kneel and start asking Burnett to make this happen.

Exile Island, Day 13. Earl voices over that he and Yau Man are working together on the idol, and when he gets yet another clue making it even more obvious where the idol is, he's like, "Yeah, I got that, shut up." Safe to say he does not require additional information about the idol; he just needs to find it. Earl does mention in an interview that Yau Man told him he didn't find the idol when Earl got rid of everyone, and he assumes that it's true. It's interesting, because of course, Yau Man could choose to find it and then hide it from Earl, of course. But Earl believes Yau Man, and he also doesn't think Yau Man will find the idol while he's gone. I'm not sure how Yau Man would find it, of course, unless he can get everyone else to leave camp, perhaps with a story about snipe hunting. I fell for that one when I was in...I think eighth grade. Embarrassing.

Ravu, Day 13. Rita is talking about how she feels bad that she wasn't better at Sumo wrestling, but that her only experience of it is with Austin Powers. At this point, with everyone awake and out of bed except Rocky and Mookie, Rita and Michelle start to discuss fashion and their makeup routines. The editing goes to a lot of trouble to suggest that this goes on and on and on, as if, who could talk about makeup this much? But what they're talking about is...pretty normal stuff that I've discussed with many women, and I don't talk about makeup excessively, I don't think. They're basically talking about how much of a beauty routine you actually keep up on a daily basis. Basically, Rita is saying that all she normally wears is lip gloss. That's a perfectly good conversation to have, it seems to me, and it would grow totally naturally out of talking about how your daily routine has changed during your time at Ouch Camp. It doesn't mean it's interesting to everyone, but it's not like she listed five hundred brands of mascara and their various pros and cons. Rita also talks about how women with "ethnic" skin don't need as much makeup, which is also...a perfectly valid topic, whether you believe the actual point being made is valid or not. Rocky interviews that hearing discussions about girl things made him want to hang himself. I'm sure people find his topics of conversation endlessly interesting, especially since my guess is that his breadth of reading material extends from one end of the SuperAmerica magazine racks to the other. Anthony mutters to Rocky that his ears are bleeding, blah blah, girls are boring. At least they can agree on that. Hey, maybe now Rocky will think Anthony's adequately manly! At least he hates yucky girls! Rocky tells Anthony that if they all lived together in a one-bedroom apartment, if two of them woke up early and wanted to talk, they'd go somewhere else to talk. So the implication, I guess, is that Rita and Michelle should have gone somewhere else to talk. I have to wonder why Rocky doesn't just...say this to Rita and Michelle. What would have been wrong with telling them he's still trying to sleep and asking if they could talk somewhere else? This is one of those things I don't understand clinging to as your cross to bear, rather than just telling people what you want. It's perfectly obvious that Rita and Michelle are not particularly demanding or difficult, and if you asked them, they would undoubtedly apologize and move their conversation. Why not just ask, instead of hanging on to it as something to be angry about? In an interview, Rocky goes on about how "stupid" all the discussions that girls have are. I really believe, without even knowing what Rocky talks about, that whatever it is would bore the hell out of me. I also kind of resent the way the sequence was edited, with the endless shots of Rita's mouth, which suggests to me a bunch of men in a production office who share Rocky's conviction that talking about makeup is stupid and means you're prattling, who probably would not cut together a similar sequence of men talking about football, which is equally of no interest to many, many people. I just didn't like the "sigh, GIRLS" aspect of the presentation.

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