Loyalties Will Be Broken

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Coach is a Young Girl
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Previously on Survivor: Coach and Ozzy returned. Were there tons of people clamoring for more returning players? Like now that Boston Rob won, I'm kind of done with returning players. I can't think of anyone I want to see again. Anyway, Ozzy's tribe was thrilled to have him, but Coach's tribe was less excited. And yet, Coach made an alliance on the first night with Brandon, Sophie, Albert, and Rick, and he also found the Hidden Immunity Idol. Ozzy volunteered to go to Redemption Island, and his gamble paid off when he won the duel and returned in time for a merge with the two tribes having even numbers. Except then Cochran flipped, and the former Savaii members were picked off one by one. Ozzy kept winning duels and stayed on Redemption Island, and the one time he was able to make contact, Coach made a finals alliance with him. By the end, the original first night alliance of five was the final five. Brandon gave up his Immunity Necklace to Albert and got voted out like a dummy. The final duel will be Ozzy vs. Brandon, with the winner returning to the game to duke it out to the finals.

So now that we're all caught up, let's head to Redemption Island for Brandon's arrival. Brandon tells Ozzy that he got blindsided (well, sort of), and then interviews that he forgives Albert and he loves him anyway. Brandon tells Ozzy what really happened, with giving up his necklace, and Ozzy interviews that Brandon didn't get blindsided at all, and he made a really dumb move. I actually am on Ozzy's side for once as he says that Brandon is playing "a blind faith game" and he's playing as if he's playing with God, when he's actually playing with "human beings that are greedy and want that money."

The remains of Te Tuna return to camp. Sophie interviews that Tribal Council was crazy and fantastic, and she thinks it was great that Albert didn't give Brandon back his necklace in front of the jury, because it looked bad. Albert tells Coach and Sophie that he honestly didn't know that Brandon was going home, or he would have given the necklace back. Coach gives him the, "Al-beeeeeeert?" Like, "Seriously, dude? Are you really trying to play it that way?" Coach interviews angrily that he's sick of people lying and acting holier-than-thou and hamming it up for the jury. Because Coach has never lied, or acted holier-than-thou or hammed it up for the jury? Oh, wait. He's done all of those things. Coach kind of loses it on Albert and says that he won't be made a fool of, because it's happened too many times in this game. Coach is getting REALLY worked up over something that is not THAT big of a deal. I think Coach is realizing that his world is crumbling. Albert interviews that today was humbling and he needs to repair his alliance and get back in good standing with his tribe. Good luck with that, dude. Maybe you could do the laundry. Also, where is invisible Rick during this whole conversation?

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