Loyalties Will Be Broken

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Coach is a Young Girl

Jim stands up and asks Albert the classic question: why should you win and the other two lose? Albert has got to have a prepared answer for this question; someone asks a version of it every season. The problem is that Jim doesn't want Albert to start with a compliment like, "Coach is a nice guy, but..." That right there is a clue as to how the jury sees Albert. They've noticed that he tends to schmooze them, and they don't want to hear it right now. A savvier player would pick up on that. Albert instead compliments Jim's question and the whole jury cracks up. Albert? You hear that? That's the million dollars slipping away. Anyway, Albert says that, despite appearances, Coach was not the leader of Upolu, and he and Sophie carried Coach. Also, Albert believes Sophie did not play a good social game.

Dawn wants to understand Sophie's strategy, and why she chose to ally with Coach and Albert specifically. Sophie says that she's noticed that men in this game tend to be able to get two young girls to follow them to the end. That's known as the Russell/Boston Rob strategy. Anyway, she's not a dude, but she did latch onto Coach, who she compares to a young girl (grimace from Coach) in the sense that he's intensely loyal and she knew he wouldn't vote her out. She aligned with Albert because they both liked to talk strategy, but their relationship disintegrated as time went on. But as it got close to the end, she realized that she had a better shot at beating Albert than Rick, so she kept him around. Dawn nods and seems to agree with everything Sophie says. At least no one laughed at her answer, as they did with Albert.

Rick (who really is wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt) lumbers up and says, "Here we go." He reminds Coach that he claimed to want to play with honor and dignity, and gave Rick his word. So now he wonders if Coach has anything to say to him. Coach apologizes. Rick was clearly expecting a longer answer so he just says that Coach knifed him in the back. Then Rick tells Albert that when he used religion to get Brandon's immunity necklace, it was a bunch of bull. Albert starts to comment but Rick isn't interested. Rick asks Sophie why she lied the whole way through the game. Sophie says that she tried to only lie when she had to in order to get further in the game, and lying to Rick is the one thing she's ashamed of. Rick says he has nothing else to say to them. Did Rick never lie in the game? Ever? He never lied about who he was voting for? What about when he voted out Brandon? Was he honest about that? Rick is bitter, bitter, bitter, and he's had a few days to come to terms with it, and it's only made him more bitter. I still never understand people who come on this show and are shocked - SHOCKED - that the people who make it to the finals tell lies and stab others in the back.

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