Loyalties Will Be Broken

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Coach is a Young Girl

Cochran tells Coach that he was a fan, and he loves that Coach tricked him, because he thinks Coach played a fantastic game. The problem is, Cochran doesn't like how much Coach talked about honor, which is meaningless, and he wants to hear what Coach's actual strategy was. And Coach finally gets real. He says that he began the game trying to please everyone, and that meant ultimately pleasing no one. He wanted to make it to the end so badly, knowing it was his third and final time playing the game, and he would justify his own actions every day, but he knows that he screwed people over in the process. He worked his game into a shambles and everyone hates him now, and he knows that he's not a good strategist. Sophie sees an opening and says that it's probably her fault, because she formulated Coach's strategy, and Albert takes some credit for it too. Coach is screwed because he just admitted his terrible strategy, so the people who would have voted for him if he had maintained his "honor" talk are disappointed, and the people who are happy he finally came clean probably think it's too late. Oh, Coach. It's kind of sad to see Coach realize that he's screwed.

Voting time! Cochran votes for Coach and tells him that he has nothing to apologize for, because he played a great game. Dawn votes for Sophie; I think she was won over by the combination of honest emotion and clear logic. Multiple people seem to really take their time thinking over their votes, so this really could have gone any way. Probst retrieves the votes and heads back to L.A. to wait for the reunion, when the winner will be revealed.

Flash to the live reunion, where the jury and the finalists sit on stage to wait for the reading of the votes. Insert obligatory comment about how everyone looks weird and puffy now. Probst gives a big speech reminding us what the game is, like duh! Just read the votes, Hammy! The first vote is for Coach, and the second one is for Sophie. We saw those two votes, so no shocker there. Coach gets another vote. Then Sophie gets another one. Then Coach gets another one, and Sophie gets another one. So we're tied 3-3. The next two votes are for Sophie, and she wins! I'm so pleased that a WOMAN, who used logic and strategy and not her bangin' bikini bod managed to pull this off. Sophie runs down and hugs her family and the reunion begins. We get a preview of what the focus will be when Probst tells the camera that we'll be talking about Coach, Ozzy, Cochran, and Brandon (and Russell, who's glowering in the audience) coming up. So I hope you like talking about dudes!

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