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The next morning, it's time for the Immunity Challenge. I think part of the reason this group suddenly looks so rough is that Edna isn't around to do their laundry. I'm not kidding. Albert's shirt is crusty and Sophie has been wearing the same tank top for like four days straight. The challenge is to pull down on a handle which will raise one end of a balancing board. With their free hand, they have to build a house of "cards" (actually thin blocks of wood) to a certain height. First person to get their house to a certain height wins immunity. Probst reminds them that the person voted out tonight goes straight to the jury, like a normal game of Survivor.

They all grab their handles and get to test out the balancing board for a minute, and then they start building. It's tough because if they lean over too much to grab a card, the whole board tilts. Probst asks if any of them build card houses for fun, and Sophie says that she does, and has a book on how to make them. Time passes, and Probst notes that Coach, Ozzy, and Sophie are all doing well, while Albert and Coach are nowhere. He adds that Sophie's structure looks indestructible, and it really does. It's kind of crooked, but the way it's built, it can lean a bit to one side or the other and it's not going anywhere.

So that seems like a good thing for Sophie except...she runs out of pieces with her tower about halfway done. She says kind of brattily, "I don't have any pieces left" and Probst says that tile management is part of the challenge. I wonder if they planned it that way? It seems like he would have said something in the opening if the tiles were limited. It does add a layer to the challenge, but it also seems like they didn't foresee it happening. So Sophie has to start dismantling her tower. Ozzy is at about the same height, and so is Coach, but then Coach's falls down. Ozzy gets to his last piece, and it's not tall enough. He takes his whole stack down and starts over. Probst reports that Albert and Rick have finally started building something. Sophie takes the lead, but then her entire rebuilt part falls, though her original build remains.

Sophie's biggest problem right now is that when her tower fell, her pieces scattered all over the place and she can't get them without letting go of her handle. She tells Albert, who is next to her, to drop his stack and help her pick up her pieces. Ballsy! Albert's like, "Um, I'm kind of working on my own thing here." Sophie tells him to do it or she'll beat him and he mumbles something. She gets frustrated and tells him to drop his stack! And to be fair, given how solid her first seven levels are, there's no way he's beating her. He's got six flimy-as-hell levels built up and his board is not at all level so they're going to fall soon. And I see her point, which is that it doesn't really matter which one of them wins as long as they beat Ozzy, so they can vote him out. On the other hand, they can't REALLY see each other's stacks, and Albert thinks he's got something going. I don't think I would help her, but I can see why she asked. But she could have been a little more polite about it. Finally Probst rules that there is no helping in this challenge; he said in post-show interviews that he has power to make rule interpretations on the fly as needed, and that one does make sense for the reasons he stated. He makes the subtext text and says that if they want Ozzy out of the game, they will have to beat him individually, not as a team.

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