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Coach is a Young Girl

Coach and Rick go for a walk and Coach tries like hell to avoid saying that he's voting for Rick. Rick asks flat out who Coach is voting for and Coach says he's going to "throw a vote somebody's way." Why doesn't Rick follow up on that? Whose way? Rick asks what Sophie's going to do, and Coach says that Sophie has turned on Rick. That bitch! Unlike Coach, who is just throwing a vote someone's way, which is a totally different thing than turning on someone! Rick is no dummy as he interviews that Coach keeps trying to walk away from him and won't come right out and say anything but keeps talking around the subject. Rick tells Coach that he's thinking about voting for Sophie, and wants to know what Coach thinks about that, since Coach is Rick's first alliance. Here's where it all goes wrong for Coach every time. He had to know Rick was going to confront him about this, and he needed to have a plan in place for when that happened. Instead, he tries to wing it and not answer the question, and that never works because there's nowhere to hide in camp, so he ends up having to lie. And that shit is going to come back on him. In this case, Rick keeps pressing Coach for an answer, and Coach finally says that he would vote for Sophie (but not that he will) and then says that he will NOT vote for Rick. Oh, Coach.

Ozzy and Albert have another conversation. Albert tries to break the news that they're going to ditch Rick, but Ozzy makes another run at getting Albert to get rid of Sophie. Albert needs to think about why Ozzy wants Sophie gone so badly on this vote. Could it be because Ozzy knows that Sophie is the only one who could potentially beat him in a challenge? Otherwise, why does Ozzy give a shit who they vote out? Ozzy's got a jury locked up. None of the former Savaii members hate him because he didn't vote any of them out, so he's got their votes. And he can probably win over the rest by saying that he won every individual challenge in which he competed, which is truly impressive. So Ozzy can go up against any two in the finals. Albert, use your brain! Ozzy tries to confuse the matter further by revealing that Coach made a finals deal with him, so Albert will probably be the next to go. How does that support the argument to get rid of Sophie, though? Ozzy's just throwing everything to the wall to see what sticks.

Albert interviews that it makes sense that Coach would want to take Ozzy to the end, because Coach always talks about wanting to go up against the best and win for true victory. Once Ozzy is gone, Albert asks Coach about this so-called deal, and says that it's comical and it obviously didn't happen. Instead of answering straight, Coach says he can't wait to vote Ozzy out. Albert asks again, "Did you tell [Ozzy] that it was going to be you, him, and Sophie?" Coach swigs his water, shakes his head, and grimace. Coach is comically bad at trying to avoid answering questions. Was he like this all season or am I just noticing now because he's being confronted by so many different people? Does he really think that as long as he can tell Albert, "I never SAID I didn't have a deal with Ozzy," that Albert will be like, "Oh, okay. Got me on a technicality, boss! You've got my vote!" That's not how life works. Albert interviews that he has to think of his endgame, and that might meant getting rid of Sophie now.

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