Loyalties Will Be Broken

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Coach is a Young Girl

Tribal Council. Probst points out that Ozzy has immunity and everyone knows that Coach has the Immunity Idol. Coach claims that he plans on playing it because it's the last time that he can. Probst shows off his math skills and says that the vote comes down to Rick, Sophie, or Albert. He wonders what Albert's argument is for staying around. Albert says that he's valuable because he can compete with Ozzy in challenge. Ozzy makes a face like, "THIS guy. He so crazy." And Albert isn't a challenge monster, but also, take it down a notch, Ozzy. Sophie says that she does think she's a threat to beat Ozzy because she's won more immunity challenges than Rick, Albert, and Coach. Ozzy chuckles but he doesn't make the crazy face at that claim. Then again, Sophie has won two and Albert and Coach have each won one. So she's technically right, but it's not like she's skunked them. Rick's argument for keeping him around is that he hasn't won any immunity challenges, so Ozzy should keep him around. Well, he's got Ozzy's vote but how did that help him with the others? No wonder they never let Rick talk.

Probst wants to hear Sophie counter Rick's argument, and instead of just saying, "It's dumb," she says that the most important thing for all of them right now is to get rid of Ozzy, and if Rick can't do it, they should get rid of him now. Harsh, but true. Probst wonders why Coach doesn't want Ozzy to move on. This is where Coach should say that Ozzy is a threat to beat him with the jury, but instead he falls back on his whole "this is a family" and "we made a bond" bullshit. He's losing jury votes every time he brings that up. The people who weren't part of the family hate to hear it, and the people that were, but got voted out, are pissed.

Ozzy decides to mix things up in front of the jury and tells everyone that Coach wants to take him to the finals. Coach really has no response but pretends like he doesn't care if Ozzy talks about this. Sophie breaks in and saves Coach's ass by saying that she doesn't just want Ozzy gone because of old loyalties; she doesn't think Ozzy respects her because he never speaks to her. Ozzy says that she acts like a spoiled brat and everyone who came to Redemption Island said so. Plus, she called him an arrogant asshole. Well, he is. Sophie points out that she's not the only one to say that, and Ozzy points out that she made snap judgments about him just like he did about her. I like Sophie, but Ozzy does have a point here. You can't get mad at someone for shit-talking you when you've been shit-talking yourself. Probst asks about that, and Sophie says that it felt personal and hurtful, and she's never been in a situation like this before, where people were commenting on her character. Probst keeps probing, and Sophie tears up as she says that she understands that this is a game and there is strategy, but she's tried to keep her character intact and avoid personal attacks against others. And now Ozzy is basically springing it on her that everyone hates her and it hurts. Probst wonders if this is helping her thicken her skin, and Sophie says that it's actually making her more vulnerable.

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