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Finally, Probst points out what I was thinking all along; they're near the end of the game and they're all exhausted, and people might exploit that to get under her skin. Ozzy sits there like the cat that swallowed the canary. Sophie hiccups that it feels awful to think that everyone secretly hated her the whole time, and it feels worse to think that they might be right, and she is a terrible person. I know some people thought she was faking this breakdown, but I doubt it. Haven't you ever been in a stressful situation, like finals week or a tense meeting at work, and even if you (like me) are not a crier, something sets you off and the waterworks just flow? And that hiccupping thing? You can't fake that. I think if anything, she's trying to keep it under control because she doesn't want anyone to know that they got to her. That said, based on the looks she's getting from people like Dawn and Brandon, that show of vulnerability may have helped her with the jury. Probst reminds her that she's still in this game, and she's giving people a chance to get rid of her. They're going to get rid of her because she cried? Oh, Probst. Not everyone only wants an arrogant asshole to win like you do. He gives Sophie one last chance to pull it together and instead she tells him to start the voting. She knows she's not going anywhere, I think.

The voting starts. Rick and Ozzy vote for Sophie. Coach doesn't play the Idol because he's a dick. I mean, seriously. Just play it, even if you're sure you don't need to do so. Everyone else voted for Rick. Including Coach, who said earlier today that he wouldn't vote for Rick. Oops. Might have a hard time getting that jury vote, dude. When Rick stands to leave, Coach tries to give him a hug or a handshake or something and Rick is like, "Have a seat." Ouch. Probst reminds them that the final Immunity Challenge is the next day, and the winner has an automatic pass to the finals. Rick's exit interview is bitter, bitter, bitter, and he says that Ozzy has his vote to win the whole thing. Looks like Ozzy's going to win the whole thing then, right? Let's cancel the second hour and head straight to the reunion!

Well, I guess we should follow through with the rest of the show, no matter what Rick says. Te Tuna. Day 38. The final four wake up and stretch. Ozzy interviews that he can taste victory, and his plan A is to win and his plan B is also to win. I have to say, what if he doesn't win the challenge? You'd think he would at least come up with something or start setting the stage for something to try to convince the others that there is a good reason to take him to the finals. I don't know what that argument would be, but Ozzy should. Anyway, Ozzy cuts down some coconuts and keeps them all to himself, because he says that he needs any advantage he can get. Meanwhile, Sophie, Coach, and Albert are sitting around the fire. Sophie doesn't want to give Ozzy any of their food, and says that Ozzy's mere presence in their camp is irritating her. I'm guessing his outburst at Tribal Council where he said she was a brat didn't help matters.

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