Loyalties Will Be Broken

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Coach is a Young Girl

Coach pulls Ozzy aside to get a few things straight before the challenge. Coach says that he DID make a vow to Ozzy to take him to the finals, but he also asked Ozzy not to say anything to anyone. And then Ozzy spilled the beans at Tribal, so Coach wants to know what game Ozzy is playing. I would have laughed if Ozzy has answered, "Survivor?" But Ozzy is pretty humorless so I don't see that happening. Anyway, Ozzy says that he has trusted people in this game before, and gotten burned, so he didn't want to put all his eggs in Coach's basket. Coach interviews that everything changed for him when Ozzy made himself vulnerable. The two of them agree that they still want to go to the end together, and Ozzy says that he thinks they should make Albert and Sophie make a fire to see who goes home. So he and Coach should force a tie if possible. Ozzy interviews that he is psyched to be here and this challenge is where the rubber meets the road.

The final four head to the last Immunity Challenge. Probst explains that they will have to travel through a flower-shaped obstacle course to retrieve five bags of puzzle pieces, and then put together the puzzle to win immunity and a guaranteed spot in the finals. Okay, so there are five "petals" with one bag in each, and there are four contestants. Wouldn't you try to go to your own petal and avoid others? OR, if you were working with someone you trusted, one of you could try to block Ozzy while the other solved the puzzle? Those are the only two methods that make sense to me. Instead, Albert follows Sophie. This strategy kind of makes sense in a maze scenario, and we've definitely seen it done before. But it makes NO sense in this challenge, because they have to go out and back on, say, a rope course, and if someone is right behind you, that person is essentially blocking your way. Is Albert just dumb? And why follow Sophie of all people? I just don't get it.

Ozzy is first to return with a bag, then Albert, then Sophie, and then Coach. The funniest part is that to get from home base to one of the petals, the contestants have to travel across a giant net, and people are always funny trying to walk across nets. Especially when it's Coach, and he does a ninja roll for no reason. The lead keeps changing depending on which "petal" people choose; some are just easier than others, although Ozzy is pretty much always in the lead or just out of it. Albert continues to follow Sophie and slow her down. I don't think he's doing it on purpose; I think he just chose a dumb strategy. Aaaand, he does it again. Hmm. Maybe he is trying to sabotage her. Coach is traveling through a net tunnel and he tries to do a backwards roll, again, for no apparent reason. Leave it to Coach to do something in the most difficult way possible. Kind of a metaphor for his game.

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