Mad Scramble And Broken Hearts

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The Shuffle That Didn't

Jeff asks whether Shii Ann is buying Amber's newfound loyalty to FakeChapera. Shii Ann says that, of course, she doesn't assume that more than three weeks of living together can be erased by a couple of days with idiots like her and Kathy (she omits the word "idiots"), but she also says that Amber is a member of FakeChapera, so Amber has the opportunity to earn their trust "one day at a time."

Jerri is asked about being reunited with Amber, whom she overly chirpily calls her "Outback sister," and Jerri says that while she was happy, it also made her aware that it's a completely different game. People are different, they're playing differently, and old loyalties are really pretty irrelevant. ["I'll say, since that's the first reminder we've had that Jerri and Amber were ever friends." -- Wing Chun]

Jeff asks Lex whether getting Amber was actually good, essentially because it gives them a free body to throw over the side, now that they've lost immunity again. Lex allows as how this is somewhat true, but he goes into a long thing about the game's having twists and turns and blah dee blah. "It ain't over until it's over," he says. So apparently, the game also has old sports metaphors.

Finally, Jeff asks Amber how she'll feel if she goes, and she says that she'll leave knowing that she did her level best to stay in. And then it's time to vote. Lex votes. Jerri votes for Amber, saying, "I'm very proud of the way you're playing this game. You did go down fighting." Shii Ann votes. Amber votes for Jerri: "It's crazy that it's come down to me voting you out to keep myself in this game. I owe you a huge thanks for that." Ouch. Yeah, there's no friend like a friend you can use as a human shield. Kathy votes.

Time to read the votes. One for Jerri. One for Amber. Another for Jerri. And another for Jerri, and that'll do it. Jerri turns and kiss-and-hugs Amber, then she hugs Lex. "I just want you guys to know it's been an honor playing this game with you," she says as she goes to get snuffed. Snuff! As she goes, she waves happily at the tribe, and they wave back. Jeff babbles meaninglessly about what tribal council means, as he is wont to do, and then they all leave.

Jerri's exit interview is very nice, as she says that she thinks that it was pretty rare for her to find all this inner peace while playing this wacky game. "Now I'm ready to go out into the world and see what other craziness I can conquer."

Next week: Amber wonders if she can keep all the promises she made to keep herself in the game. Rob grabs Alicia as a backup in case his "girl" is gone. And he disappoints someone and has to give the "sorry you feel that way" talk. And, probably, Rob is happy to see that Amber will live long enough to see that he went to the trouble of writing on his arm for her. In pen!

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