Mad Scramble And Broken Hearts

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The Shuffle That Didn't

There's an awesome shot of an iguana (I think) hustling up the beach like he's already five minutes late for band practice, and then we accompany Rupert and Big Tom as they go fishing. Rupert complains to Tom that he hopes the merge will come soon and that the Mogo Mogo people won't be so lazy. Big Tom interviews that, indeed, he and Rupert go fishing most mornings while the rest of the tribe is still asleep. You'll notice that he doesn't say everybody else is lazy; he just says they sleep later. It always bugs me when sleeping is equated with laziness, because...I mean, if you're asleep, you're asleep, you know? They're not sleeping to spite Rupert, not that he would get the difference. Rupert goes into the water with the spear as Big Tom says (I think) that Rupert the "biggest damn hog" with it. We watch Rupert the Big Damn Hog catch some fish as Big Tom interviews that he hasn't had a chance yet to catch a fish, and that he's not leaving today until Rupert gives him a chance with the spear. Sure enough, when Rupert returns, Big Tom says he's going in the water. Rupert gently condescends to him about going in the water with his shoes on, but when Big Tom says that, indeed, that's what he's going to do, Rupert lets him go, probably confident that Tom will drown and need Rupert to rescue him. And that will be awesome! Then they'll understand for sure how much they need Rupert!

Big Tom makes his way down to the water, and he gets in. Before long, he snags a smallish fish and brings it back to shore, to the tune of a twangy Tom-associated theme I suspect is called something like, "I May Sound Dumb, But I Ain't." "Very good, Big Tom," Rupert growls patronizingly. In an interview, Rupert holds up Big Tom's fish and calls it "not a bad fish for his first fish ever," but goes on to denigrate it as "a fish-tank fish." And then he laughs that Big Tom was "thrilled." I've seen Rupert bring home little fish like that a zillion times, so I don't know what he's crowing about, but...I never do, I guess.

Mogo Mogo, Day 22. Kathy is working outside, as Jerri gets up from another uncomfortable night of trying to sleep. Jerri interviews that the weather where they are is constantly wet, so all their stuff is eternally damp. Kathy tries to build a fire, but has a very hard time as a result of how wet everything is. She interviews that the conditions are really difficult right now, and that the fact that her team keeps losing makes it worse. And yes, she's on the verge of breaking into a fit of snurfling again. Way to contain your emotions there, Spock.

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