Mad Scramble And Broken Hearts

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The Shuffle That Didn't

Jeff tells each tribe to line up in any order. The last two on Chapera won't be doing anything, because they have two more players than Mogo Mogo. Once they've lined up, Jeff tells them that Lex, as the first person for Mogo Mogo, will go first. He is told to choose someone from Chapera with whom he can go off and have a private chat away from everyone else. Lex selects Rob, so the two of them peel off and stand to the side. Big Tom is the first remaining Chaperian (Rob was first, but Lex took him), and he chooses Jerri. Shii Ann chooses Rupert, saying that it's because they're both there solo from their seasons. (Lame!) Rupert gives the lower-teeth-showing smile. Alicia has only Kathy to choose, so she chooses Kathy. This leaves Jenna and Amber to spend some more time together as the leftovers, which makes them ridiculously happy. "Yaaay!" they both yell, and then they hug, and I suddenly remember every cheerleader I ever knew. Jeff explains that they just thought it might be fun at this point for some of the folks to get to talk to people they don't usually talk to. And as if that weren't enough, they're getting box lunches. Wasn't this supposed to be a hard season? I swear, these people have unwrapped more fussy catered food since beginning this survivalist adventure than I've had in my entire life. Jeff distributes lunch to each pair and sends them on their way.

Big Tom tells Jerri that if you're going to have a date, you should "pick the good-lookin' women." Jerri says she's blushing. Heh. Meanwhile, Amber and Jenna are relieved that they don't have to sit around and do strategy with anyone, but can just have lunch together and chat about nothing, just like I suspect they normally do. Shii Ann and Rupert are the first to open their lunch and see the fruit, cheese, crackers, and so forth. Rupert asks her what it's like "all by herself," and Shii Ann says that she loves Lex and Kathy. She complains that Jerri doesn't do enough work, and Rupert agrees with her, because there is certainly nothing that revs Rupert's engine like commiserating over the inferiority of others. Big Tom tells Jerri that, at first, he was actually kind of worried about her. She admits that it was hard at first, and "almost broke [her] spirit." "We got eighteen days, you suck it up, be the stud you are," Big Tom tells her. "Put your chest out." Snerk. She tells him that the experience has been "humbling."

Elsewhere, Lex tells Rob that he's ready for the merge. And by "ready," I think he means "eager." Rob is noncommittal. Shii Ann is busy telling Rupert that Rob is the real menace, because if they go to individual immunity challenges, he's going to whip everybody repeatedly, which...seems like a plausible scenario, actually, even though it's Shii Ann who's proposing it. Jenna tells Amber that she thinks the picnic indicates that there is going to be a merge, but Amber looks like she isn't so sure.

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