Mad Scramble And Broken Hearts

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The Shuffle That Didn't

FakeChapera walks along the beach toward their new digs. Shii Ann thanks Amber for being the "hostess," and Amber tries to keep a happy face. She interviews, however, that she feels like she's "the one who got screwed" in the reshuffle. You know, when the "got screwed" jokes abound, it's really difficult to make one. She adds that as they were picking buffs, the only thing she was hoping for was that she would pick the same color as Rob. (I will admit that a very low-quality "all-star-crossed lovers" joke seemed inevitable somewhere along here, and I decided it is beneath me. Well, okay, it's not, but it's beneath you.) She leads FakeChapera into the lush Chapera camp, and everyone is of course amazed at the great setup they have. They love the benches, love the swing, love the whole "paradise," as Shii Ann calls it. Not only do they have a great shelter and food, but the members of Chapera have done a lot of work, so there's wood, and there's a well-tended fire...basically, the original Chapera did an awesome job with their camp, and these incompetent nitwits are going to reap the benefits. "I'm just amazed," Lex says as Amber gives him the tour. They all come across a basket of food (more free food!) that's at camp to serve as the "welcome" to their new home. As everyone parties, Amber tries to get into the spirit, but she interviews that "it's definitely not home without the people that belong here." If nothing else, I think Chapera has certainly displayed as much tribal unity, for lack of a better phrase, than any tribe ever.

Speaking of those people, let's join them as they enter the hellhole known as Camp Mogo Mogo. Alicia, showing a nice flair for the obvious, says that Fauxgo Mogo "got the short end of the stick." She says that the camp they inherited is a total mess. The members of Mogo Mogo haven't maintained things; they have a tiny, uncomfortable shelter; they don't have firewood; the place isn't clean; and so forth. A subdued Rob asks them whether they want to try to rebuild the shelter, but Jenna says she thinks they should just put a new roof on the one they have. He says he's concerned that he won't be able to sleep at night in the crap shelter that Colby and Lex built. I think that, in particular, the floor of that shelter -- what Mogo Mogo was calling "the rack" -- just looks like it would be hell to sleep on, and from everything Jerri has said, it is. I think generally, sleeping on anything that's called a "rack" is bad news. Jenna interviews that, indeed, it's a "crap camp." She says that, among other things, Mogo Mogo built it in a mess of nettles, and it's much too near the water. Apparently, they've also lost some things -- the saws from the Home Depot box, the cooking pot (sheesh), and it's generally in bad shape. They lost the cooking pot? How do you lose anything at an island camp? It's not like you loaned it to someone and they never gave it back. Not having a lot of community potlucks here on the island.

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