Mad Scramble And Broken Hearts

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The Shuffle That Didn't

That night, Rob sits around, all sad in night-vision. "I don't really care that the other team has our camp now," he says. "I don't even really care that they have all of our possessions, as much as we're cryin' about it over here, it doesn't matter. What aggravates me is that they got my girl over there." I hereby apologize to every principle I have ever held dear for the fact that I found that a tiny bit hot. Believe me, I am hanging my head in shame. Anyway, Rob sits around the fire sadly, missing Amber.

We fade into the Fauxgo Mogo fire and out of the FakeChapera fire, and there's Amber, staring into her fire and missing Rob. Hey, am I being manipulated? HEY!

After the commercials, we find that at FakeChapera on Day 24, Shii Ann and Amber are fetching the treemail. It's a whole little book, as it turns out. They read it, and it makes reference to a wide variety of Survivor history, and the note with it makes clear that the immunity challenge is going to be trivia about all the seasons. As FakeChapera walks, they try to come up with iconic bits about each player. Amber and Jerri recall Mike's falling in the fire and catching the pig, and Jerri recalls Keith's inability to make rice (hee) and Kel's getting caught with beef jerky. Now, I didn't take that as literally as some people did, that Jerri was still crowing about that -- I just thought she was saying that was the most likely trivia question about Kel, were there to be one, which...well, you'll see. Lex points out in an interview that as the team was preparing, one of the questions they specifically got ready for was who was voted off of each season first. The only person they can't come up with is the name of Nicole, booted off Pearl Islands in her tube dress. They remember her, and they remember her dress, but they don't remember her name. ["Me too. I was all, 'Janice?'" -- Wing Chun]Amber interviews that the challenge is very important for her, because she thinks that she'll probably either save herself or send herself home, depending on how it goes.

Fauxgo Mogo, meanwhile, is practicing as well. How many Jennas have played? Two. How many Robs? Four. ["Well, three Robs and a Robb." -- Wing Chun] The Rob we have right now interviews that he promised Amber he'd get her to the end, and now he has to figure out how to get her there. "I'm gonna do whatever I can do to keep her around as long as possible over there," he says. "Pretty much the next move I make is gonna have consequences for everybody left in this game. Serious consequences." There really should have been a heavy musical cue here of the "dun-dun-duuuun!" variety, or possibly Rob should have looked into the camera and growled or something. It's all very menacing. Or as menacing as a guy can be when he's wearing two necklaces.

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