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Losers Find A Way To Lose
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The Tempura morons return to camp after voting Capable Candace out at Douche's behest. Erinn starts up immediately with the damage control, saying that she wasn't really aligned with Candace or anything like that. She also claims that she had no idea everyone else was voting for Candace when she herself voted for her. I doubt it. I think Erinn saw the writing on the wall and figured she'd better join the majority while she still had a chance. Unfortunately for her, it looks like she was still too late. Sierra tells us that Erinn is "panicking," looking very confident for someone who was almost voted out herself. Debbie says that Erinn and Candace seemed pretty close, to which Erinn explains that she wasn't "sure" about Candace and wanted to try to get to know her before deciding to vote her out. And when she did get to know Candace, she realized she couldn't trust her. Douche weighs in, saying that Erinn aligned herself with the wrong person and is now trying to get out of it by "completely insulting" everyone on Tempura's intelligence. Honestly, I don't think that's possible. You could probably insult a retarded rock's intelligence before anyone on Tempura's. Debbie says "that's all over with," as if they just voted out the person who was bringing the tribe down when we all know he and his glorious ponytail are still right there, pulling all the wrong strings. Douche says that Erinn will never be in his alliance and she will therefore suffer forevermore.

The next morning, Jerry wakes up with a cough. Erinn sits alone, clearly on the outs with her tribe despite her efforts last night. She interviews that for some reason, spending all her time with Candace associated her with her "more than I would've liked." Okay, now my intelligence is being insulted. Is she trying to fool us or herself? She says her plan now is to be popular and help the team win challenges. She thinks it's important to show that she's stronger than Sierra and Debbie, because that worked so well for Candace. "Now I feel like I'm kinda fighting for my life a little bit," she says, sort of rather perhaps maybe insulting her own intelligence just a tad.

Beans boil sans rice now that Evil Candace and her Evil One Pot Wonder plans are gone. That's bad news for Jerry, who only wants to eat rice today. Since all they have prepared is beans, he's skipping breakfast. Debbie notes that Jerry skipped dinner, too, and someone asks Jerry if he doesn't like beans. He says they aren't good for his stomach, which is "screwed up." While everyone else eats beans, Jerry says that he's not sure if it's the beans that are doing it, but something is making his stomach hurt "real bad." Someone felt sorry enough for him to eventually cook him some rice, and we see him eating that. Debbie takes every opportunity to announce to all that Jerry's not eating very much and doesn't look well, which I'm sure he really appreciates. Jerry tells us that he's had experiences like this in his army life before, and hates showing weakness. So he goes out to collect firewood while crying on the inside. He says he's trying to fight through the pain and hopes he'll be better tomorrow. Jerry then lies down in the shelter, and Erinn cheerfully asks him how he's feeling. "Mama said there'd be days like this," Jerry titles.

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