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Losers Find A Way To Lose

Ugh, that is so depressing! Let's go where the sun always shines, the birds always sing, and the people are never sick -- Camp Jalapeño! Everyone is trying to use the giant fishing net to catch fish with little success. Stephen interviews that when they won the fishing gear, they thought they'd be catching fish after fish after fish. Instead, as we see, they've only managed to get two puny little minnows. They don't know how to use the gear, and think that slowly tossing the net onto the fish will work. It doesn't. Stephen says that J.T. has decided that the giant net is a throw net, even though it's clearly way too big for that and he's now wearing it on his head. J.T. interviews that Toucancheers water is different than Alabama water, but he'll figure this out. Sure enough, after they manage to throw a net over a few minnow to use as live bait, he uses a pole to catch a real fish. Triumphant music plays as the fish come rolling in. Even Stephen catches one -- his first ever! They all dine on fish and love it, with Taj saying that it tastes seasoned without any seasoning at all. That's what happens when your taste buds have been deprived for so long. Joe, whoever he is, says that the fish tasted like victory, and the Jalapeño tribe is now a force to be reckoned with.

Let's see if he's right. Time for the reward challenge! The tribes enter, and we only see Taj's non-reaction when Probst says that Candace was voted out last night. For today's challenge, six team members will be blindfolded and tied to a partner. The remaining team member will be responsible for calling out orders to lead them to a bucket and through maze to a water tower. They will fill their buckets with water and make their way back to the start, where they will pour the water into a large tub. Once the tub is full, a flag will raise. Teams must then fill their buckets with corn from a corn tower and race back to the start to fill up another tub until that flag raises. I'm not sure why they're using corn and water, since the winning tribe doesn't get to keep it like they did in last season's fruit-bashing game. Instead, the winning tribe to raise both of their flags gets a waterproof tarp and all sorts of comfort items, including chairs, a hammock, blankets and pillows. They will also send a member of the losing tribe to Exile, who will then chose someone from the winning tribe to accompany him.

Calling directions for Jalapeño will be Joe, while Debbie will be doing the honors for Tempura. Wait -- what? Why Debbie? Isn't this the perfect job for someone whose sole purpose in life is ordering people around, be it on the soccer field or in the orchestra pit (or whatever room in the Community Center serves as such)? You know, someone who can't stop telling us about his vast experience and incredible skill at yelling loud orders across long distances to several people at once in a competitive atmosphere, and who is so sure of his abilities that he actually makes people call him Coach??? How could he NOT be doing this? How could he have possibly convinced his team that freaking Debbie was a better choice than him? Anyway, Probst starts the challenge and the teams set about trying to find their buckets. Team J.T./Sydney get their bucket first. Debbie manages to lead Team Erinn/Sierra to their bucket soon after. Then the rest of Jalapeño get their buckets in quick succession and head for the water tower. Meanwhile, Tyson and Douche are still fumbling around for their bucket, and I see that Douche isn't even the leader of their two-man team. Team Spencer/Stephen fill their bucket first. Erinn/Sierra get to the tower first for Tempura, as if this will help either of their cases when it comes time to vote one of them out at the next Tribal Council. They could win this challenge single-handedly and Douche will still insist that they are the weakest and least useful members of the tribe. Meanwhile, Brendan and Jerry are totally lost and bucket-less. Taj/Sandy pass them on their way back to the start. Jerry calls out for help, but when Debbie yells at them to go left, they don't. Instead, they wander off behind Jalapeño's water tower, much to Probst's delight.

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