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Losers Find A Way To Lose

Stephen/Spencer pour their bucket into the correct tub. Taj/Sandy soon follow. Brendan/Jerry have somehow managed to find their bucket. They meet the rest of Tempura at the water tower, where they've decided to wait until all the teams get there and fill their buckets before heading back as a complete team. This should makes things easier for Debbie, who shouts orders like "come on, Tyson! WAAAAAALK!" Meanwhile, J.T./Sydney get their bucket in. Probst decides that the Tempura strategy is a good one and must be broadcast to Jalapeño so that they may copy it and win, so he yells that they've made "one long Tempura trail!" Guess what happens next? That's right -- Jalapeño decides to make a chain as well. Way to ruin the game, Probst. The Tempura trail makes it back to the tub and starts dumping, but by this time Spencer/Stephen have come back with a second bucket, and it's enough to raise their flag. Unfortunately for Tempura, their three buckets are not enough to raise their flag, so they'll all have to go back for one more while Jalapeño is already gathering corn. I guess that group chain wasn't such a hot idea after all.

J.T./Sydney get a face full of corn as they try to fill their bucket. The rest of the tribe meets them and fill up their buckets. Meanwhile, Brendan complains that he can't hear Debbie. All Jalapeños, buckets full of corn, start coming back. Debbie gives up. Sierra screams at her, asking if they need to fill all of their buckets with water. Debbie has no idea. "Tempura really blowing this challenge!" Probst says, and you can hear the smile in his voice. Taj/Sandy is the last Jalapeño team to get their corn in, and it's enough to raise the second flag. Tempura didn't even raise one. Jalapeño celebrate with hugs and high-fives. It's too much for Douche, who cries out in rage and frustration. He wants attention, dammit! And pillows! Even his animal grunts are louder than Debbie, as the entire Jalapeño team turn around and stare at him. Tell me again why he wasn't the team caller for Tempura?

The teams line back up at the mat. Probst asks Jalapeño who they're sending to Exile. Taj puts on a convincing wince and says Brendan. And who will he be taking with him? Taj, of course. Probst decides to make much of this, asking Spencer if he's concerned that something might be up with those two. Um, something is up, Probst, and it could be really awesome and please stop trying to ruin it! Why are you sabotaging your own show? I hope they give Phil the Emmy next year. Spencer just says both tribes seem to be using the same strategy and he's not surprised. Brendan and Taj leave. A Taj-less Jalapeño is stuck carrying their many reward items back to camp. I wonder if Carolina is banging her head against her TV set right now, watching her tribe win a reward of chairs, the very things that got her ass voted out first. Douche's Seagaltail has fallen apart in defeat. In his post-challenge wrap-up interview, he says Tempura needs to turn things around for several reasons, one of them being "the anger that I'm feeling." Yes, they have to do it for you, Douche. "Winners find a way to win. Losers find a way to lose," he says.

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