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Losers Find A Way To Lose

The next morning at Jalapeño, everyone got a great night's sleep. Spencer says the best part was knowing that they were warm and dry, while everyone at Tempura was wet and sad. Stephen interviews the same thing. Sandy has woken up on the inappropriate side of the bed, as she mutters "I know I'm a sex kitten. There's no doubt in my mind." Various men wince and groan, which is kind of insulting to Sandy.

Immunity Challenge time! The tribes arrive and Taj and Brendan return from Exile to join them. Probst takes the immunity idol back from Jalapeño, and Sydney loudly says "see you soon" because being an asshole is the only way she can get camera time. Probst explains the challenge: there are several large decorated crates on the other end of a field that two members from each tribe must roll back to the start. Once all the crates are at the starting line, tribe members must stack them into a staircase that has their tribe's name written on the side, which satisfies the puzzle component of the challenge. Once the staircase has been assembled correctly, all tribe members must climb it to a platform. The first team to have all members on the platform wins.

Hooray! There's no cheesy idol wipe to take us to the challenge. Taj and J.T. run out for Jalapeño while Brendan and Debbie go for Tempura. Brendan and Debbie reach their crate first, but J.T. and Taj make it back before them because Taj is Unstoppable. Then Stephen (why him before Spencer?) and Sydney run out, soon to be followed by Tyson and Sierra. Once again, I see that Douche is waiting as long as possible before actually having to participate in a challenge. Tyson and Sierra make it back before Stephen and Sydney, so now Tempura is in the lead because Stephen and Sydney don't know how to roll a crate. Joe and Sandy make up for some lost time against Douche and Erinn. J.T. and Spencer roll their crate into Jerry on the way back, and now Jerry is in pain. Then all of Douche's fantasies come true as he and Tyson get to run out for Tempura. Obviously, he wants their time together to last as long as possible, as he takes his sweet-ass time rolling the crate back to the platform. Tempura doesn't lose their lead, though, since Stephen is rolling the crate for Jalapeño and he sucks at that. Tyson and Brendan go out for Tempura's final crate with a big lead on Spencer and Taj. J.T. tells Spencer to "keep it straight." Heh heh heh.

Tempura starts on their staircase first, with Erinn giving direction on where to place each crate. Jalapeño starts building, too, but it looks like Tempura has this in the bag. Oh, but wait -- as Jalapeño continues to build and work together, Tempura has come to a standstill as they're not sure where to place their last three blocks. Erinn has an idea, but Brendan and Douche have decided that they know better despite the fact that Erinn has done a fine job of building the first half of the staircase so far. Meanwhile, Jalapeño only has one crate left to place. Tempura picks things back up, but they've lost their lead. And they lose it even more as Jalapeño works together to place the difficult last crate and Tempura does not, which Jerry having to be reminded to participate. Sure enough, Jalapeño completes the puzzle and their staircase. They're all on the platform before Tempura can even place their last block. Before Douche can let out another primal cry for attention, Jerry says "I'm through. I'm finished" loud enough for everyone to hear.

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