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Losers Find A Way To Lose

Probst hands the idol to Taj, who kisses it and hugs it close to her bosom. He sends them away and turns to Tempura. He says momentum has "definitely shifted." Yes, Tempura built up such an incredible head of victorious speed with their one challenge win. He'll see them tonight at Tribal Council. Jerry provides the post-challenge wrap-up interview, saying that he feels responsible for the team's loss because he was too "weak" to give it his all. His stomach still hurts, and he's pretty sure that his teammates are starting to see him as the weakest link. And it doesn't sound like he's too upset about that. I'm sure Jerry's not feeling great, but no one is. I think what's really going on is that this is a lot tougher than he thought it would be and he wants to go home but doesn't want to actually quit, as that would make him look really bad. So he's basically forcing his team to give him an honorable discharge.

Tempura returns to camp, and Jerry makes sure to lie down and look ill. Erinn's loving this, and also makes sure to loudly ask if he's feeling any better. Debbie offers to fill Jerry's canteen, but he says he's fine. Jerry tells us that he was feeling okay in the challenge until that first block went down. Then his energy was "sapped." Well, yeah. So was everyone's. I'll bet it was sapped even more when you saw the JalapeƱos take the lead away from you and realized that you were on a truly pathetic and sad team. Jerry claims that he's trying to "endure" and "tough it out" and assures us that he won't quit. He says his team will have to vote him out if they want him to leave. I still think it's quitting if you leave your team with no choice but to vote you out. Sorry, Jerry, but you're not saving any face with me.

The rest of the tribe heads into the water to talk about the challenge and what went wrong. Erinn diplomatically says there was a "communication breakdown." The rest of the tribe doesn't feel like coming up with possible solutions to their problems, so instead they say it's not so bad and it's still the beginning of the game and they've only lost one more immunity challenge than JalapeƱo. Brendan asks what's up with Jerry, and Debbie says the beans are making him sick and since that's all they really have to eat, he can't eat anything. "That makes it easy," Brendan says. Erinn gets a big ol' grin on her face, and Douche fumes. He interviews that as soon as Erinn found out that Jerry was most likely going home before her, she "looked at the tribe with an evil sneer." He then demonstrates this for us. Even when he does it, it doesn't look that evil. Creepy, yes. When Erinn did it, it looked a lot more relieved than evil.

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