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Losers Find A Way To Lose

Douche can't wait to talk to Tyson about this. He says he's "so pissed off" and demonstrates Erinn's "evil look" yet again. He is so damn proud of it, and it's not even that good. So she smiled. Big deal. "It was the evilest look!" he claims; "I can't stand it, man." Tyson says he's trying to convince Jerry to "stay strong" so they can vote Erinn out instead. But that would sort of ruin Jerry's plan to get voted out because this game was tougher than he thought it would be. Douche interviews that Tyson is his assistant coach, right hand man, and his general. They're in agreement to vote Erinn out tonight, but he's not sure about Debbie and Sierra. Oh, so now that Douche needs Sierra, she's in his alliance? Enjoy it while it lasts, Sierra, because Douche will turn on you as soon as Erinn is gone. He is all about the divide and conquer and setting one person apart to bond the team against her. He probably does this to his poor soccer girls all the time. Well, at least they're free of him now.

So now, Douche has to win the girls over to his side. He accomplishes this by explaining to Sierra and Debbie that he must surround himself with people who have integrity. Uh ... then why did you audition to be on this show, Douche? He says he is simply unable to even "exist" around people like Erinn. The girls, of course, can, but not Douche: "I am so true that existing around people that smile evilly when somebody else is on their knees kills me! I can't exist around -- I can't look at her, I can't walk by her now!" Is he for real? He can't be. This has to be some kind of awesome Sugar-style fuck you to reality shows, and Douche is actually just a frustrated actor trying to tear this thing down from the inside out. There is no way anyone could legitimately believe the things that Douche is saying, or think that the way to win people over is to tell them that they are not as "true" as you are, whatever that even means. Sierra knows exactly what's going on, and interviews that she isn't about to vote Erinn out before Jerry just so that Douche can settle the vendetta he's created in his own mind. Not only that, Sierra says, but also since this tribe had no problem voting her out when she was sick, she thinks the same should apply to Jerry.

Jerry's still lying around conspicuously. Tyson urges him to "stay strong" and not give up. "Yeah," Jerry says, but he clearly doesn't care and wants to go home. Tyson says they're voting for Erinn tonight because of her alliance with Candace. "She's just here to lie and deceive," Tyson says, as if everyone else in this game plans to do anything different. Jerry hopefully asks if his name has come up yet. Tyson says it hasn't. Jerry is disappointed.

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